Taking a Stand Against Antisemitism!

Martin Luther King on Antisemitism and Bigotry towards Catholics


In the video, a Christian preacher speaks out about bigotry towards Jews and Catholics.

“I would still take a stand against anti-Semitism because it is wrong, it’s unjust and it’s evil!”
If my Catholic brothers and sisters said to me, amid bigotry towards Catholics, we don’t need your support on this, because we have enough Catholic power to deal with it, I would still take a stand against bigotry towards Catholics because it is wrong, it is evil and it is unjust!”

Young Women for America Stand against Antisemitism


Chabad Rabbis visit Montana as a Special Thanks for Stand Against Antisemitism

Several rabbis from Canada and across the United States made a special visit to Montana last Wednesday, thanking state leaders for standing up for the Jewish community in the face of recent anti-Semitic threats in Whitefish.

“We understand that you have been a true friend … for the Jewish community, and we are grateful for that,” Shmuel Herzfeld, rabbi at the National Synagogue in Washington, D.C., told Gov. Steve Bullock in a meeting at the Capitol. “We wanted to come and say that to you here.”

The group, led by Rabbi Chaim Bruk of Bozeman, also traveled to Whitefish, where they planned to propose financing a trip by four local students to visit the sites of former Nazi concentration camps in Poland, where Jews and others were murdered during World War II.

“(They) will go and learn to where hatred can lead, and how to be a voice advocating for love and against those isolated yet very powerful threatening voices that (can) emerge,” said Adam Scheier, a rabbi from Montreal, Quebec.

Rabbis from Sacramento, Calif., San Antonio, Texas, and Missoula also made the trip to Helena.

By: Michael Schwartz


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