Antisemitism, Not Fashion

Antisemitic Symbols in Fashion

Not all symbols have a place in fashion. However, swastikas, yellow stars and more have appeared in recent fashions sold in stores. The following video documents five times designers tried to get edgy, and ended up being offensive to Jews and the Holocaust.

Retailer pulls shirts reminiscent of Holocaust

Spanish fashion retailer, Zara has apologized for selling a striped T-shirt bearing a yellow star that drew criticism for its resemblance to uniforms worn by Jewish concentration camp inmates. Zara said the garment, advertised online as a striped “sheriff” T-shirt, was inspired by “the sheriff’s stars from classic Western films.” “We honestly apologize,” Zara said on Twitter in response to numerous outraged tweets.

The offending item was removed from Zara stores and its website, according to a press release from Zara’s parent company, Inditex. It was on sale for just a few hours before the company pulled it “due to the potential similarity with the Star of David,” the company said.

By: Michael Schwartz