UNRWA Staff Engage in Antisemitic Activity on Social Media

A shocking revelation was made by the NGO UN Watch, which discovered that UNRWA employees are posting inciting and antisemitic material on social media.

UNRWA are not only aware of this phenomenon, but also teach their staff how to hide these posts from organizations such as UN Watch.

[An excerpt from the UNRWA manual]:

– Practical Tip #1: “Personnel are encouraged to take advantage of privacy and other settings in order to limit their online exposure.”
– Practical Tip #2: “Facebook Privacy Settings and Audience Selector allow you to limit who can see your content.”

Among the inciting and posts supporting terror some were written by Mahannad Najem, an UNRWA teacher in Syria, who posted an image of a dog urinating on the flag of Israel. Subi al-Zaber, an UNRWA teacher based in Amman, Jordan, has an image erasing Israel from the map, as his current profile picture on Facebook, next to the words “get out of our land…get out of everything.”

Mohamed Soliman, an English teacher at UNRWA in Syria, glorified the October 2015 terrorist knife attacks against Israeli civilians using an image turning all of Israel into a Palestinian knife, with the words “Your knife is Freedom.” His profile also contains an image and quote from Hitler.

These UNRWA posts are shocking in and should be immediately removed. The fact that UNRWA employees which are racist and support terror are the ones to educate impressionable Palestinian children is wrong on many levels.

Moreover, UNRWA’s own International Staff Regulations expressly incorporate this UN “neutrality rule” for its staff, stating in Regulation 1.4 that staff must “avoid any action and in particular any kind of public pronouncement which may adversely reflect on their status or integrity, independence or impartiality which are required by that status.” In other places neutrality is defined as not taking sides in hostilities or engaging in “controversies of a political, racial, religious or ideological nature.”

It seems like this isn’t the case here, as UNRWA staff are actively engaging in supporting terror and as well as antisemitism.

Source: UN Watch

Image: Facebook/screenshot

By: Hadassah Schwarz