Educating People on the Holocaust

Holocaust survivor shares his story to help prevent bullying in schools
Jozef Vissel was orphaned during the Second World War in Holland as a Jewish child. He owes his survival to the people who had the courage to care, despite putting their own lives at risk. He asks if we would do the same? He shares his story with children, in hope to stop bullying in schools. Produced by Josephine Asher (Seventh Box Productions) for The Anne Frank Exhibition in Australia. Sponsored by Two Men And A Truck.

Changing lives: Steven shares his Holocaust story for future generations

Holocaust-survivor Steven Frank tells the story of how his experiences during the Second World War are to be remembered forever in a ground-breaking new digital project.

Supported by HLF, it will preserve the stories of 10 Holocaust survivors using 3D laser projections so that their testimonies can be passed on to future generations.

94-year old Holocaust survivor shares his memories with Israel’s next generations

Holocaust survivor Zwi Nigal remembers when the two Gestapo secret policemen, wearing trench coats, knocked on his door in Vienna in 1939.

Gently leaning on his wife for balance, Nigal, 94, shared his experiences during World War II with a few dozen people who gathered in an apartment in central Israel on Sunday, the eve of the country’s annual Remembrance Day for the six million Jews killed in the Nazi Holocaust. Sitting on bean bags and a sofa, they listened to the Nigal’s account as part of a nationwide project called  Zikaron BaSalon (Memories in the Living Room).

Similar remembrance gatherings were held in 13,000 other homes in Israel, where survivors shared their stories. Their numbers dwindling, some 189,000 elderly survivors live in Israel, making the first-hand testimony all the more poignant.


By: Michael Schwartz