South Carolina Takes Stand Against Antisemitism


Many Americans are disturbed by the increase in antisemitism across the U.S. Recently, U.S. Representative Alan Clemmons (R., S.C.) sponsored a bill to combat the hate, by taking legislative action.

Clemmons sponsored a bill, which specifically targets recurring anti-Jewish hate crimes in the state of South Carolina specifically across college campuses. It lends the state tools in recognizing hate crimes against Jewish students as antisemitic crimes, and ensure that they will be accused of fully violating the law. Furthermore, the bill calls on universities to use the U.S. State Department’s definition of antisemitism in assisting college authorities to combat offensive acts on campuses.

Clemmons added “We must take a strong stand against antisemitism, and we are proud that South Carolina is taking a leading role in this effort.”

According to a recent report, antisemitism has risen by 45% on college campuses this year alone. The bill was passed through the Senate unanimously, however it did not reach the House due to the Easter recess, but plans to be reintroduced during the coming months.

Source: The State, Facebook (Alan Clemmons)

Image: The American Legislative Exchange Council

By: Yafit Ovadia


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