Neo-Nazi Video Games Not an Anomaly


A video game is available, which caters to Neo-Nazi fantasies. The game includes battling with Jews, who wear yellow stars on their uniforms.

According to gamers, “Zog’s Nightmare” is one of the most violent and antisemitic games that has ever been made. “Zog” is an acronym for “Zionist-occupied government,” an anti-Zionist and antisemitic conspiracy theory that believes the world is secretly run by Jews or Zionists. “Zog’s Nightmare” was released in 2006 by a former member of the American Neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement.

Another Neo-Nazi game, which is called “Ethnic Cleansing” allows gamers to play as a member of the Klu Klux Klan. As part of the game, players can kill Jews who shout “oy vey” when killed, and African-Americans who imitate monkeys.

Source: Forward

Image: NS88 Videos

Written by: Efrat Baron



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