A Modernized Blood Libel: ‘Israel Toasts To Syrian Horrors’


As previously published on our blog, a blood libel is a medieval claim that Jews bake their Passover Matzah with the blood of gentile children. During the past week, this historic accusation came to life again as anti-Israel activists continued to spread lies and hate on social media.

It began when Israel’s deputy foreign minister Tzipi Hotovely posted a photo of her department’s annual pre-Passover toast to Twitter. Her Hebrew caption read: “A toast for the [Passover] holiday in the foreign ministry office this morning. Israel has a moral responsibility to act in the diplomatic arena against the atrocities of the Syrian regime.”

A guy named Haidar Sumeri tweeted the following: “Israeli Foreign Ministry officials are literally toasting yesterday’s event in #Syria. I thought they were all shocked and outraged?”

The suggestion Sumeri is making is clear: Israel is celebrating the murder of Syrian civilians whilst doing nothing. Toasting before an upcoming Jewish Holiday [Passover, in this case] is a tradition in the Israeli workplace. The events in Syria were mentioned by Hotovely in the context of reminding everyone of the moral responsibility Israel in light of the horrible atrocities being committed in Syria.

Sumeri’s tweet is false and assumes the exact opposite of what is going on in the photo. Sumeri’s antisemitic tweet was retweeted 165 times so far.

Source: Tablet Magazine

Image: Tzippi Hotovely/Twitter

By: Hadassah Schwarz


Author: admin