Man Sports Swastika Armband at University of Florida

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A man wearing an all-black outfit with a red swastika armband was spotted on the University of Florida’s campus in Gainesville, Florida. This was his second appearance in a week. The first time he wore the swastika armband, no passerby commented, however the second time 100 students gathered in protest. They brought signs and guitars, some sang “I love you, I love you.” The swastika wearing man,who was later identified as Michael Dewitz remained on campus grounds for around 3 hours.

Dewitz claimed the public display of a swastika was meant to be a social experiment and said that he was “upset that the protesters were upset because they don’t understand my intentions.” Dewitz denied the negative intentions and claimed he did not mean to hurt anyone. Dewitz went to the religious center to look for a Chabad Rabbi on campus. On his way, he passed a student wearing a Jewish skullcap, kippah and gave him the Nazi salute. The student, Jacob Zieper was clearly intimidated.

Dewitz stated later that the Nazis were an “extremely organized, focused, distinguished organization that saved the world.” He also questioned the validity of the Holocaust, stating that, “disinformation was huge in World War II, so how can we know that any of that stuff can be verified? You do not know that your grandparents were necessarily in a concentration camp and if the Nazi’s were evil… [It is] actually…genetic nonsense and…ridiculous. That’s disinformation.”

By openly denying the Holocaust and siding with a fascist party, who commited genocide Dewitz violated campus behavior and should be arrested. His insitigation for violence is felt by his behavior, which is clearly meant to incite extreme reactions, although he claims it was not his intention. His praises for the Nazi Party are highly disturbing and promotes ignorance.  It is shocking how despite the plethora of evidence that the Holocaust took place, there are still those who deny it.

Source: Alligator

Image: Monica Humphries

By: Ohad Barazani


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