Montana Lawyer Defends Neo-Nazi Website Trolling, Citing First Amendment


Andrew Anglin, publisher of a leading neo-Nazi website is being sued over orchestrating an online antisemitic trolling campaign against an American family, living in Whitefish, Montana.

Marc Rondazza, a Las Vegas based lawyer, who is representing Anglin said recently: “Everybody deserves to have their constitutional rights defended, nobody needs the First Amendment to protect Mr. Rogers. That’s not what it’s there for.”

Anglin is being sued by Tanya Gersh , in a law suit which was filed in April. Gersh’s suit claims the publisher launched an internet trolling campaign against her family, including publishing her 12-year- old son’s Twitter account and profile photo. Gersh accused Anglin of causing “emotional distress”, invading her privacy and violating state law.

Anglin defended his claim and called out Jewish residents of Whitefish, who he beleives are engaging in in an “extortion racket” against a family member of white supremist, Richard Spencer.

Anglin’s lawyer, Randazza claims the allegations in the suit “leaves room for disagreement” over whether Anglin did anything wrong.

Source: Ynet

Image: Ynet

By: Hadassah Schwarz


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