JewTube Weekly: Getting Married

Getting married, Jewish style!


What to expect at a Jewish wedding ceremony

Heading to a Jewish wedding? Don’t be in the dark! In weddings like in weddings, not all ceremonies are the same, but there are several basic components you can find in any Jewish ceremony:

Ketubah: the Jewish wedding “contract”

Marriage is about building a strong partnership. The Jewish marriage “contract,” or Ketubah, formalizes this partnership, and there are many different ways to personalize it, so it can fit your ceremony and relationship:


Why does the Jewish groom break a glass?

Sure, it’s fun to break things, but that’s not the only reason we break a glass at Jewish weddings! There are many different interpretations of this tradition- here are three we’ve collected from you:

Chuppah: the Jewish wedding canopy

Whether you’re planning a Jewish wedding or attending one, this animated short will briefly explain what a Chuppah is and scan some historical Jewish wedding traditions. While certain traditions appear in most Jewish weddings nowadays, there is always room for reinterpretation and reinvention:

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Author: gurarieh.noga