Jewish Man Orders Drink, Cashier Lists Name as Hitler


An Israeli man who ordered a cup of coffee at an unidentified cafe in the United States yesterday was subject to a gross antisemitic incident.

After Lior Yanay ordered his drink, a cashier listed his name on the receipt as “Hitler” twice. The name “Hitler” was promptly recorded on the cafe’s computer. The waiter who then delivered the order was forced to make out Yanay’s drink to “Hitler.”

The waiter was too ashamed to refer to Yanay by that name, so the cashier asked him why he couldn’t take “Hitler’s order,” furthering the insult and degradation.

Yanay, disgusted by the incident posted a recap on social media site, Facebook with a picture of his receipt.

“The rise of anti-semitic occurrences in the US lately is worrying, and while what you just did may sound “minor” compared to destroying graves, the thought that you find something like this funny or amusing is troubling.

Just to recap what you did: after placing an order, you gave [me] the name of [someone] who killed over 7 million Jews (many of which were my family) and a few million more of other ethnicities. You insisted that the [waiter] write down that name, putting him in an awkward position.

This is the America we live in these days. It’s scary and troubling, and I hope someone will wake up soon.” Yanay said.

Source: Facebook

Image: Facebook, Lior Yanay

By: Yafit Ovadia


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