Inciting Demonstration in Sweden Investigated


Police in Helsinborg, a city in southern Sweden, is investigating a demonstration for alleged incitement and antisemitism. The demonstration was initiated by the Swedish- Palestinian Center in light of the recent tension in Temple Mount, Jerusalem. Last July the conflict grew violent due to Arab terror attack on 2 police officers on Temple mount, in which the officers were killed by stabbing, and the three terrorists were shot. The incident led to the disposition of metal detectors on the entrance to find weapon, which irritated the Muslim leadership due to alleged violation of sovereignty.

The Swedish center initiated the demonstration, where Jews were called the offspring of apes and pigs (as treated in the Koran) and more antisemitic chants were sung, and gone viral online. The center is spreading anti-Israel, hatred and antisemitic propaganda through social media including a Facebook account which was recently blocked. A post of this page became viral and removed after intervention by the Israeli ambassador to Sweden, who called Facebook and its users to act against it.

The ambassador Yizhak Bachman said in response: “I’m glad to see a practical proof that the combat against antisemitism, hate crimes and pure hatred online is something that often bears practical results. After less than 24 hours and countless protests, the shocking, violent, antisemitic and preaching to murder post was removed.” Furthermore he called to continue the fight against antisemitism in all its forms.

The investigation began after the Jewish community in Skåne filed a complaint against the center. The chairperson Josefin Thorell told to SVT, the Swedish news media: “We can see that there are elements in these protests that are worrying and serious because they contain anti-Semitic insults and anti-Semitic claims in combination with a violent rhetoric, in a really unfortunate way.” The police commanded to address the issue and is currently looking for evidences on the Swedish Palestinian Center activities.


Sources: The Local, Ynet

Image: FB

By: Roni Zedek


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