Holocaust Denial in Chinese Media

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While most people closely keep track of anti-Semitic events which take place in Europe and in the U.S, seldom troubling reports are heard from other parts of the world. It was due to the awareness of a single university student in China that the story came to light about Holocaust denial and anti-Semitic posts on the Chinese media Channel, Baidu.

Baidu, a corporation which is the Chinese parallel to Google is a well-known company. Over 60% of china’s net search passes through baidu.com, and is ranked the fourth-largest search engine in the world. Baidu also has a virtual encyclopedia, similar to the popularly used site, Wikipedia, however it is more selective about its content.

A student reported that of late there have been various troubling articles on the site. One of them points out that “the Jews had great responsibility” when mentioning the Holocaust and blames them for taking advantage of the economic crisis as “greedy business masters”. Moreover, the text describes the Jews as selfish people who care only about money and blames Jews’ behavior and justifies Hitler’s rationale.

The second alarming article questions the high number of Jewish victims during the Holocaust and suggests alternative numbers, mentions “only tens of thousands” persecuted. The writer of the article relies on the estimations made by Iranian scholar, Muhammad Tachipur, and other scholars whose names are not disclosed.

The text reads:
“All the scholars [who] question the Holocaust were suspicious of the specific number of Jews [who were] killed by the Hitler fascist regime. These scholars believe that the catastrophe is not entirely as described by the Zionists. The exaggerated figures [of which] Zionists claim are not realistic, considering the fact that killing 6 million people by gas is costly, and the Nazis [were] not able to afford that.”

Citing Dr. Robert E. Freidson, a former Professor at the University of Lyon, France, the author claims that gas chambers did not exist and served simply as disinfection rooms, designed to cope with contagious diseases. The author excludes the high figures and atrocities mentioned by numerous reliable sources and claims they are a “Zionist plot”.

Baidu and other media platforms hold great responsibility for the content they supply to the masses and the consequences they inspire. Nevertheless, it is the public’s role to make the truth heard and report outrageous falsehoods.

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By: Roni Zedek



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