Game Show Host Chuck Woolery Accused of Antisemitic Tweets


Last month, Chuck Woolery, the former host of the popular game show “Love Connection” shared his argument about the alleged Jewish roots of communism on Twitter. “Believe it or not. Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin were both Jewish. I was shocked to find, most of the original Soviet Communists were Jewish”.

Immediately after he received many accusations claiming he supports antisemitic rhetoric. Woolery denied the claims and answered: “Amazing to me, I point out that Marx and Lenin were Jewish, Fact of history, and now I’m being called antisemitic? Why do people do this?”

In previous tweets Woolery has made links between modern progressiveness and socialism to Nazism. Woolery, who currently hosts a podcast called the “Blunt Force Truth” has said in the past that his conservative views have made him a pariah in Hollywood circles.

Source: Forward

Image: Google Images

Written by: Efrat Baron



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