French Jewish Community Outraged A Woman’s Murder Case Treatment

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Dr. Sarah Halimi was brutally murdered by a 27 year old African Muslim man last April. The murderer broke into Halimi’s apartment, beat her brutally in the face and scull while she was sleeping and threw her off the third floor balcony while shouting “Allahy akhber”. The police, who took time to arrive to the murder scene, arrested the murderer and sent him to a psychiatric detention facility after being diagnosed as mentally unstable by their psychiatrist.

William Attal, Halimi’s sister said: “The murderer knew my sister was Jewish and was from a haredi family. He came to her apartment ready to kill… It’s terrifying”.

Four months later, the murderer already admitted for killing Halimi but it seems that the prosecutors weren’t convinced that he had antisemitic intentions while executing the crime and decided not to pursue hate crime charges against the murderer.

CRIP, the umbrella group who represents Jews in France said that they were “astonished that the antisemitic character of the murderer was omitted. The personality of the criminal, who shouted ‘Allahu akbar’, his modus operandi, and his choice of a victim he knew was Jewish affirm our thesis and certitude: This crime is incontestably antisemitic”

CRIP accused the local authorities in “covering up” the antisemitic nature of the murderer and criticized them for the time it took the police to sue the murderer.

The criminal was charged with manslaughter.

Attal said that Antisemitism in France is escalating and that French Jews live in existential fear. Halimi’s family decided to make Aliyah and they are due to arrive in Israel in August. Sarah’s dream was to move to Israel, their tragedy urged them to finally move, but unfortunately it will be without their beloved.


Source: Israel Hayom

Image: Israel Hayom

By: Yael Soffer



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