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Former Neo-Nazi Speaks Out

I’m a former neo-Nazi. Don’t ignore the threat of white extremism.

When he was only 14, Christian Picciolini was recruited by Clark Martell, a prominent neo-Nazi skinhead leader. By age 18, Picciolini led America’s first neo-Nazi skinhead gang and helped recruit and organize cells across the country.

Picciolini worked to soften the neo-Nazis’ external image and political language to attract individuals who would otherwise not have been willing to join the movement.

“We hear terms like ‘liberal media,’ when in fact what they are talking about is Jewish media,” Picciolini said. “We used to say that the Jews controlled the media. And now they’ve just massaged the phrase to call it ‘liberal media.’”

Picciolini began his transformation from neo-Nazi to anti-hate advocate in his late teens. “Having my child when I was 19 years old and being married was a powerful catalyst for me because I finally had something to love,” he said.

In 2010, he co-founded Life After Hate, a not-for-profit organization dedicating to fighting racism and violent extremism. Five years later he published his memoirs of his time in the neo-Nazi movement, Romantic Violence: Memoirs of an American Skinhead.

Former neo-Nazi skinhead speaks out

A former neo-Nazi skinhead who embraced hate brought a very different message to Southeast Texas Tuesday. Frank Meeink became a skinhead at 13-years-old. By 17, he was recruiting white supremacists and was arrested for kidnapping a man and video-taping his torture. In prison, Meeink started questioning his racist beliefs after befriending men he used to think he hated.

More than 200 people came to Antioch Missionary Baptist Church to listen to Meeink’s story, including law enforcement agents who investigate hate groups. The former skinhead says he changed when he developed empathy for others.

“That’s how people stop using [drugs], to people that hate, to people that hate gay people,” said Meeink. “You know it’s always the same, you say to guys who are fearful and hateful of gays, ‘why’d you stop hating them?’ ‘Well I got to know one.’ Oh, so you had empathy for them? Like, they went through the same maybe things as you did in life huh?” Meeink said empathy was the key that helped him get out of gangs.

Confessions of a former neo-Nazi: ‘I would have killed people’

Maxime Fiset was on his way to becoming a neo-Nazi when he was arrested for inciting hatred. Fellow skinheads had shaved his head for him, he had a Nazi flag in his room, draped over his copy of Hitler’s Mein Kampf and books on bomb-making,. Fiset had founded the first organization and website in Quebec to bring right-wing extremists together, “The Fédération des québécois de souche.”

It wasn’t until his arrest at school in Quebec City that he truly became radicalized and planned to inflict maximum damage. In an interview with the Montreal Gazette, a week after U.S. President Donald Trump’s inaguration, as swastikas appeared across the U.S. and in Canada, Fiset decided to look back on how he joined the neo-Nazi movement — and how he got out.


By: Michael Schwartz


Anti-Semitic Calls Made After Trump’s Inauguration

During President Donald Trump’s Presidential Inauguration two week ago, Rabbi Marvin Hier, a close friend of Trump’s son-inlaw, Jared Kushner was given the stage to say a few words and in turn was met with hundreds of anti-Semitic comments on social media.

During the rabbi’s speech, he blessed the new president with the following words: “Eternal God, bless President Donald J. Trump and America, our great nation…[and] all of our allies around the world who share our beliefs,” and concluded the prayer by making a reference to Jerusalem.

While some Jewish outlets criticized Heir for speaking at the inauguration, citing the increase in anti-Semitic behavior during Trump’s campiagn and support from Neo-Nazi parties, others interpreted the message as an olive branch from the new administration to the Jewish community.

Immediately after Heir’s speech, hundreds of anti-Semitic comments were made on multiple social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Some called to “light the Jew on fire,” or made references to Hitler and witchcraft, others called Jews “the enemies of America,” or crudely accused accused them of perpetrating 9/11.

Hier is the first rabbi to speak at a presidential inauguration since Reagan’s inauguration in 1985.

Source: The Times of Israel; Mako

Image: Twitter

By: Yafit Ovadia

Shocking Anti-Semitic Image Published in Venezuelan Journal

A strongly anti-Semitic graphic was published on the cover of a popular weekly journal in Venezuela, Las Verdades de Miguel.

On August 12, 2016 the paper published an image of a Jew in traditional religious garb with a Star of David made up of U.S. dollars with the headline, “The Rabbis of CADIVI.”  CADIVI is a Venezuelan government body, which administers legal currency exchange in the country.

The Anti-Defamation League supported the protest of the Confederation of Jewish Associations of Venezuela (CAIV), who promptly sent a letter to the journal’s editor.

“The use of the term ‘Israelite’ referring to the alleged Jewish-ness of people and companies is simply defamatory and anti-Semitic. As an institution of our community, and as Venezuelans, we wish that all illicit activities be investigated and eventually punished under the criminal law,” the letter read.

Jonathan A. Greenblatt, ADL CEO said : “All of Venezuela feels the impact of a serious economic hardship, this magazine cover not only feeds into [the] base [of] age-old anti-Semitic stereotypes about Jews and unscrupulous behavior towards money, but dangerously points the finger at Jews for taking advantage of this crisis and deepening the economic instability for their [own] benefit… Such manifestations lead to the worsening of the Venezuelan Jewish community’s sense of isolation and insecurity.”

Source: Times of Israel, Arutz 7

By: Inbal Zlotnik

Antisemitismo alrededor del mundo esta semana

México 14.07.16 CEO de Grupo Omnilife se disculpó frente a la comunidad judía
En Guadalajara, México José Luis Higuera el CEO de Grupo omnilife ofreció disculpas a la comunidad judía a través de su cuenta de Twitter luego de realizar una entrevista en la cadena Fox Sports. En la entrevista después de una larga discusión con uno de los comentaristas donde cuestionaron el proyecto de Chivas TV y la manera de cobrarle a la gente el CEO le dijo al comentarista como respuesta “tú eres judío, traes esencia de comerciante” en referencia a sus orígenes.  Horas después Higuera ofreció su disculpa mediante la red y reclamo que nunca tuvo intención de insultar a la comunidad judía.

Perú 06.07.16 Neo Nazis peruanos buscan expulsar a todos los judíos
En Lima, Perú  Martin Quispe Mayta el líder del movimiento nacional-socialista anadino de Perú dijo que busca expulsar a la pequeña población judía del país debido a que “controlan la economía global” actualmente el grupo de neo nazis están intentando juntar suficiente cantidad de firmas como para ser registrado como un partido político.  El líder es admirador de Adolf Hitler y su oficina está adornada con retratos del dictador nazi.
La asociación judía de Perú dijo que una declaración que rechazaba las expresiones abierta de antisemitismo y racismo de Myata.

Alemania 13.07.16  Policía alemana realizó una redada para combatir las fuentes de antisemitismo en la red
En Alemania la policía llevo a cabo una redada en 14 estados alemanes para combatir las Fuentes de publicaciones de odio antisemita y otros delitos en la red.  Con allanamientos  a 60 individuos, las redadas significaron una nueva escalada para la lucha contra el antisemitismo en la red. Está fue la primera vez que Alemania hizo una investigación de este nivel nacional, dijo el ministro de interior alemán Thomas de Maiziere además señalo que espera que las nuevas investigaciones enviarán un fuerte mensaje de que los criminales no puede esconderse de la ley tras el anonimato en internet.


Partido nazi en Perú

Estados Unidos 09.07.16 “Israel está detrás de los asesinatos de afroamericanos en Estados Unidos” según organizaciones pro palestinas.
Según la organización de estudiantes por la justicia en Palestina (SJP) Israel está detrás de los últimos incidentes en el que agentes de policía mataron a afroamericanos.  La sucursal de estudiantes en Nueva York ha compartido un post en su página de Facebook afirmando que “las misma fuerzas detrás del genocidio de los negros en los Estados Unidos están detrás del genocidio de los palestinos”.

Estados Unidos 07.07.16  Demócrata  de Santa Monica ofende a Elie Wisel
En California, Estados Unidos una demócrata llamada Dorothy Reik ofendió a Elie Wisel- sobreviviente del Holocausto, escritor, ganador de premio Nobel de la paz que murió el 02 de julio. Dorothy es presidente de los demócrata progresivos de las montañas de Santa monica y mediante un correo que escribió se refirió a Elie Wisel como “prostituta de Holocausto”  agrego “He encontrado personas que se ganaban la vida con el holocausto pero nunca encontré un hombre que lo hizo tan bien como Wisel”.

Estados Unidos 08.07.16 Yihadista en Arizona busca acusado de planear ataques contra blancos judíos.
En Tucson Arizona el jurado presento contra un individuo acusación de afiliación al Estado Islámico (ISIS) y un acta de acusación por planear ataques contra blancos judíos en el área de Phoenix con explosivos y otras armas. Mahin Khan de 18 años fue detenido por agentes del FBI gracias a una investigación llevada a cabo por ciudadanos que informaron su comportamiento sospechoso a las autoridades.


06.07.16 Lista de muerte de ISIS marca sinagogas norteamericanas como blancos.
El Estado Islámico (ISIS) publico una lista de muerte que indica más de 1700 blancos de ataque en los Estados Unidos. La elección de los blancos revela las tendencias antisemitas homicidas de esa organización terrorista.
Según Informes, Los blancos son individuos especialmente miembros de sinagogas.
La lista fue descubierta por primera vez por la unidad de Análisis de Inteligencia (SITE) después de ser publicada en internet por “El Califato Cyber Unido” el brazo de hackers de ISIS.

Suráfrica 11.07.16 Detienen a hombres terroristas que planeaban atentar contra instituciones judías
En Suráfrica, Pretoria. Dos hermanos de 23 años fueron detenidos y acusados en la corte en Johannesburgo de apoyar a una organización terrorista de incitación y de conspiración para cometer actos de terrorismo.
El par de gemelos fueron detenidos en incursiones policiales llevadas a cabo durante el fin de semana en dos casas situadas en los suburbios de Johannesburgo. Durante la incursión fueron confiscados diversos artículos incluyendo computadoras y teléfonos móviles.
Polonia 06.07.16 Líder de partido polaco recibe amenazas de muerte antisemitas
Según deputada polaca el presidente de su partido político recibió amenazas de muerte antisemita, escrita a mano y firmada por el autor “El Francotirador”. La nota decía que hay que acabar con el “pájaro” en su nido e incluía insultos relacionados con los judíos.

Suecia 14.07.16 Censuran documental que vincula el yihadismo con antisemitismo por temor a ofender a los musulmanes.
La televisión estatal en Suecia, Sveriges Televisión (STV) es severamente criticada por haber censurados el documental “Viendo la luna por la noche”. STV fue la mayor fuente de financiamiento del documental que muestra una mirada más profunda a la relación entre el Yihad y el odio anti – Judío demostrando en que amplia medida los judíos han resultado afectados por el terrorismo.
Según Mahrianne Ahrne, ex consultora del instituto Sueco de Cine una vez que se aprobó la entrega del dinero al documental STV intentó constantemente frustrar la producción de la película con un obstáculo formal tras otro.

Lithuania-Holocaust Memorial vandalized

The Holocaust Memorial in Vilkaviškis, Lithuania was vandalized on the 20th of April.
Vilkaviškis had a rich Jewish community and an active Jewish social and cultural life.
Its educational institutions included a large Hebrew primary school, a science-oriented Hebrew secondary school, and a vocational school.

You can get more information about the Jewish community in Vilkaviškis on this site.

Memories of my Grandfather

Yes. You read that right. Potatoes are the first thing that comes to mind when I remember my grandfather.
My grandfather was born in Galitzia, Poland. He lived a happy childhood until the start of the war when he and his entire family were shipped off to face the difficult condition of a labor camp in Siberia.
It was there that my grandfather learned the value of a simple potato. He would stand on line for hours in the rations lime, waiting to receive the daily rations that were expected to feed his entire family. Very often he would walk away empty handed.
But sometimes, they would get a potato. That meant his mother could make a small soup. That was the most filling meal he remembered eating in his time in the war.
Whenever one of his children or grandchildren would get sick he would tell them to eat potatoes.
Whenever something good or bad happened he would celebrate by eating potatoes.
It was rare when a meal went by without him eating potatoes.
As someone raised in the low carb generation I always found it funny how much he loved potatoes. It was only after he died that I realized it was from a place of eternal gratitude for ha ING survived the war.
My grandfather loved to make jokes and laugh but the darkness that shadowed his face everytime he thought about his time in the war will forever haunt my memories.
My grandfather died in 2014 and we never knew his age. All we knew was he never had his bar mitzvah because of the war.
My grandfather taught me to appreciate the simpler things in life and I will ensure that my children learn the same lesson from those stories.
May his memory be a blessing.

by: Ro Oranim

Jerusalem to Host First International Conference on Online Antisemitism

On Tuesday, 19 April, the first-ever International Conference on Online Antisemitism will take place in Jerusalem, bringing together dozens of experts from multiple countries, including Israeli legislators and Ms. Katharina von Schnurbein,  the recently appointed European Commission Coordinator on combating antisemitism.

Co-organized by the National Union of Israeli Studends’ ISCA program and the International Network Against CyberHate, and hosted by Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the packed schedule features a number of panels highlighting the importance and diversity of the issue at hand.

One session, for instance, will address “The relevance and influence of right-wing antisemitism and Holocaust denial on the digital landscape,” discussing the lasting influences of the Nazi movement, in a conversation moderated by a senior Yad Vashem historian. In contrast, the following panel will debate “How the left was lost,” as experts discuss “Durban, online Left-wing anti-Zionism, the BDS movement and the perversion of Human Rights,” highlighting the new and troubling trends of mixing and confusing criticism of Israel with a denial of the Jewish people’s right to a nation state.

But, at least according to the schedule, the conference will try and end on a more optimistic note, as participants hear – and propose – strategies moving forward, in an attempt to fight online hate speech.

Conference against Anti-semitism with German Chancellor Angela Merkel

More than 100 parliament members from nearly 40 countries met in Berlin this past week for a conference on anti-Semitism.

The participants discussed issues such as Internet hate, community relations and anti-Semitism in sports, as well as legal, parliamentary and governmental responses to anti-Semitism.

The conference took place during Germany’s chair ship of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). The conference comes against a backdrop of raising anti-Semitic incidents all over Europe and amidst growing anxiety in relation to the more than one million Muslims refugees in Europe.

Critics say there is no doubt that there remains a significant linkage between the new Muslim immigrants, (who were raised in countries which detest the State of Israel) and anti-Semitism.

The conference was the third of a series hosted by the Inter-Parliamentary Coalition for Combating Antisemitism (ICCA).

by: Inbal Zlotnik

2015: Hilter very much alive online

Hitler left behind a great ideology which is still represented by the media and found online, according to the 2015 annual report of a student group combating antisemitism. Published by the Israeli Students Combating Antisemitism Intiative (ISCA),the document – which was presented to the Knesset earlier this week – details how even in this day and age Hitler’s legacy lives on.

Though he died over 70 years ago, thanks to his vast admirers Hitler’s ideology still receives recognition on the Internet. By using different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter this messages are spread across the globe. And, antisemitism still flourishes online via blog posts, videos, comments and articles. Glorifying Hitler has become a widespread trend on the Internet. On some websites, as Youtube and Instagram, people can be found painting Hitler as a visionary who failed to complete his task of exterminating the Jews.

Every day prominent social networks such as Facebook and Twitter receive many reports regarding racist pages and profiles, or users promoting hatred. Even though the users report those profiles, the racist posts are not always deleted and still can be found via online searches.

A day before the world commemorates International Holocaust Memorial day, and in order to fight the increasing anti-Semitism online, the Knesset Committee for Immigration discussed this burning issue. The discussion was attended by Israeli Parliament members and leading figures, who were surprised from the worrying data.

According to Ido Daniel, Head of ISCA program: “The rising antisemitism in Europe throughout the past year [noted] there were 29,385 complaints which were filed regarding antisemitic incidents online, but only 26% of these posts were removed.” In “[For] every disaster that takes place in the world – Jews are blamed for it on the Internet,” he said, adding that even the dismissal of Basketball Cleveland Cavaliers Coach David Blatt drew numerous anti-Semitic comments online.

The impact on the younger generation is the greatest and in order to fight the incitement against Israel online, Israel’s constant delegitimization and the rising anti-Semitism in Europe, the government must be more aware and involved Daniel claimed.

”This is a burning issue. Some 40% of Europe`s residents are antisemitic. The government ministries must lead the struggle, as one body,” committee chairman Naguisa said.  Israeli MK Yoel Razvozov added: “This is about the security of the country and the security of Jews worldwide. We need one office that will be in charge. At the moment, every ministry transfers the responsibility to another ministry. Instead of 40% of the people in Europe being anti-Semitic, we will [soon] reach 80% and 90%.”

Much more must be done on the subject. The different parties must unify to solidify a common course of action by using both creative tools and effective policies in order to combat anti-Semitism online, while preserving the freedom of speech.

Auschwitz: Haunting Memories in the Here and Now

In 2093,

Where will you be 77 years from now?

Will Israel still be a state?

Where will we stand  as a community?

As Jews?

Will our children go to the army?

(Or there won’t be a need for an army anymore by then… )

77 years from now.

77 years ago, Auschwitz existed.

Auschwitz was a horrible place, where smoke rose up to the sky with the smell of death.  Where the dead bodies of a father, a mother and a little baby, lay lifeless, murdered simply because of the fact they were Jews. Some one million Jews were murdered there. For those martyrs, Israel was only a dream. A place they will never get to see. A distant dream.

But my grandfather believed.

Two years ago after repeated requests, Grandpa accepted our pleas and with his modest blue eyes told us the story of his Holocaust experience.

My grandfather, Aryeh, grew up in Poland to a Jewish family, one of six siblings. The town he lived in was sent first to the “Prokchem” labor camp, and then to the “Plashov” labor camp.

In Plashov, my grandfather sees his father die in front of his own eyes. The Nazis shoot him to death while his two small children stand near.

Grandpa looked like a Polish child, with blond hair and blue eyes, which helped him survive. Once while traveling by train he noticed two Polish children whispering. Terrified, he ran away and hid in the station’s restroom after he saw them calling the police to find and arrest him.

In Plashov, the commander “took care” of Grandpa. The commander ordered Grandpa to report to his office after shouting at him when he lost a screw while working. The commander beat Grandpa with a club, until he was bleeding. However, it wasn’t over. Every day he looked for my grandfather, who managed to evade him time after time until a Nazi prison officer, a Kapo officer, caught him. Grandpa told the officer he will not go with him and if the commander wants to kill him- he can come and try. The Kapo officer was suddenly overwhelmed with mercy towards the small child and defended him.

After the war, Grandpa was sent to a displaced persons camp in Poland. Some tried to convince him not to immigrate to Israel.

But my grandfather – didn’t run away.

My grandfather moved to Israel, he finally made Aliyah. He came to Israel alone at the age of 16. He founded a factory that is still in business today. He raised a family, and bore grandchildren and great grandchildren who all served in the Israel Defense Forces.

John Lenon’s song “Imagine” pictures the world as just a dream against the reality of ours – full of hate.

But the world is also full of love.

We decide how we want to live.

Run away or believe, fear or courage, hate or love.

Even though he survived the worst of all, my grandfather never denigrated someone because he or she was different. He chose to live his life through a perspective of respect and equality.

His good heart, which was loved and accepted by everyone, despite their differences eventually passed on.

But death is a part of the circle of life.

We are only given one life.

The important thing is the way we choose to live it.

Dreams full of motivation – do come true.


This article is in honor of my grandfather, Aryeh Zlotnik of blessed memory who passed away in October 2015.

Written by: Inbal Zlotnik