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Golden Dawn: An Introspection

Contrary to what we may think, Nazis still exist today in Europe. I am not talking about hidden gatherings in dark basements or forests as you may have pictured, I am talking about members of parliament in a country that has been a member of the European Union since 1981. Today. NAZIS!

Our story takes place in Greece and begins with a man named Nikolaos Michaloliakos. Born in 1957, Michaloliakos found his way into the extreme right and founded the “Golden dawn” party in 1980. Currently, the party holds 3 seats in the European parliament and 21 seats in the Hellenic Parliament.


In the picture: Nikolaos Michaloliakos (Credit: IPI)

In the picture: Nikolaos Michaloliakos (By IPI)

So, is Golden Dawn not a standard right wing party? What is the problem with it?

Well, a lot.

Since its foundation, the Golden Dawn party views itself as continuation of the German Nazi party. In its magazine called “ Chrysi Avgi” the party reveals its ideology, from it are these facts.

Aside from the party’s public declaration to end democracy, it holds a vary malicious ideology who’s official agenda is to destroy the current global status quo in order to restore the classical Hellenic values that will be combined with white race supremacy and without Zionists and their byproducts- Vis a vis the Jews and Israel. The party also believes that monotheists’ religions are false and lead the world to destruction, thus the future needs to rely on paganism. The magazine further illustrates in its articles how Hitler is an admirable icon that needs to be learned from.

More frightening than the ideology is the resemblance between the methods used by the party and its supporters and the methods that were used by the Nazi party and its organizations. The Golden Dawn, similar to the Nazi party, is a very hierarchal body whose top of the pyramid is the leader, similar to the Führerprinzip. Moreover, the Golden Dawn also embraced the Nazi salute and regiments of bullying with thugs that intimidate and even assault foreigners and political adversaries. Some examples can be found in many acts of violence attributed to the party’s supporters and even to several party officials.

Adding to this Nazi radical line are quotations from anti-Semitic texts like the protocols of the learned elders of Zion and texts that deny the holocaust in senior party officials’ speeches.

In 2014 a 700 page long criminal indictment was filed in Greece against senior party members, 16 parliament members and the leader Michaloliakos on the charges of murdering immigrants and assault of political activists. There are also severe accusations against the party, claiming it funded itself using illegal funds collected through extortion and money laundering operations world-wide.

golden dawn1

This is no joke, nor is it a fantasy. The Golden Dawn is a dangerous phenomenon that may escalate into a crisis in the current conditions of Greece and may pose a threat against the people of Greece and even Europe itself. Greece may not be as powerful a nation as Germany was during the 1930’s and 40’s but it may very well trigger a wave of extreme nationalism in Europe that may pose a threat on world and regional peace. The party may also pose a threat to minorities in Greece and to Jews in particular, and we cannot take the matter lightly.

This article is based on the report compiled by ALFREDO SALTIEL – EVGENIA MENTI called “Golden Dawn: An Introspection”. For more information, the report can be found in this link: Golden Dawn_An Introspection (1)





The Power of Good – Remembering Sir Nicholas Winton

In memory of Sir Nicholas Winton

nicolas 1

In the beginning of last month, July 2015, a man has died in England at the age of 106.

This man was called Sir Nicholas Winton and he saved lives.

In 1909 sir Winton was born to a German family of Jewish descent in London, and at the age of 28 he traveled to Prague to assist refugees that escaped the Nazi occupied Sudeten land of Czechoslovakia. There, Sir Winston decided his sole goal is to save Jewish children from the hands of the Nazis.

After Kristallnacht (Crystal Night), the UK decided that it will open its gates to all children below the age of 17 who were able to afford the trip from European mainland to the UK, in order to try and save lives. Sir Winston took this initiative and tried to raise money, even his own, in order to save as many children as possible. The operation was called “Kindertransport”- transporting the children; in it Sir Winston arranged for several trains filled with children to be taken out of Czechoslovakia into the Netherlands and from there to the UK and to safe grounds away from Nazi grasp. His plan came to a stop in 1939 when the war began and until that time came, he was able to rescue 669 children. These Children were left orphans after their families suffered the same fate as many Jews in Nazi occupied Europe.


Sir Nicholas Winton with one of the children he rescued.

Sir Nicholas Winton with one of the children he rescued.

It was only many years after the war ended that the story of his work became known to be public, when his wife accidently came across records of the children he saved during the war and pressured him to tell his story.

In 2002 Queen Elizabeth honored him with knighthood of the British crown and in 2008 the Czech government applied for the Nobel peace prize to be given to Sir Winton. In 2009 he received the highest honor of the Czech Republic in front of the children he rescued. Sir Winton was also the center of two Czech films telling the story of his life and rescue endeavors.

"The Power of Good", a 2001 Emmy award winning movie on the life of Sir Nicholas Winton.

“The Power of Good”, a 2001 Emmy award winning film on the life of Sir Nicholas Winton.

The reason this story is so inspiring is that it shows how one man, who came across the brutal Nazi reality that came to be, decided to act to change it as much as he could. As he said in a meeting held in Israel with some of the children he rescued in 2005: “there is no point of thinking you have a good life simply because you caused no harm, you had a good life if you did good”. Sir Winston, you did well, and for that many people, Jews and Non-Jews, thank you.

A statue of Winton in the train station of Prague.

A statue of Winton in the train station of Prague.



The Chronicles of a “New Era” in Europe

So often we hear historians, scholars, so called “experts” of their own, social and political activists, mainly from Western Europe, declaring that a ‘new era’ has emerged in the European continent since the rubbles of World War II. Talking about the “cosmopolitan citizen,” these agents of the emerging era of Western European “re-enlightenment”, in their own eyes, as well as in the eyes of the beholder, would carry on with their utopian descriptions, telling their listeners that “There is a new Germany nowadays”.

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Erasing Israel from the Map

Ex Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon said: “We are engaged in a long fight against people, organizations and interests who want to delegitimize Israel. Each small step adds up to a very large picture, and we have to be vigilant”… “No fight is too small, because small steps against Israel have an incremental effect and leave the impression that there is something wrong and illegitimate with us,” concluded Nahshon.


HarperCollins, one of the world’s largest publishing companies, excluded Israel from its Collins Middle East Atlas because “including Israel would have been ‘unacceptable’ to their customers in the Gulf”.


Bloggers noticed, bloggers complained, HarperCollins backed up.


HarperCollins backed up, officially apologized for excluding Israel, and decided to destroy all remaining copies of the Atlas. A spokesman said “the company ‘regrets’ the omission from the Collins Middle East Atlas and has removed it from sale. All remaining stock will be pulped”.


French Jews were not so lucky.


From 2011, Main school books publishers for 12 million French students Hachette and Nathan history books included a revisionist version of the Israeli conflict. They don’t mention even once the word ‘Israel’, presenting a 1948 UN map of Palestine with an “Arab State”. Nor can be seen any mention that 1948 war against Israel was started by all neighbors Arab countries.


Jerusalem is referred to as a “Muslim holy city”. Three thousand years of Jewish presence? Vanished.


Bloggers noticed, bloggers complained, Hachette and Nathan snubbed them, admit no wrong doing, threaten to sue them for libel, and made no change to the propaganda History books.


Nivea, BeIN Sport TV channel, Orange, Nespresso, French conservative newspaper Le Figaro, Scholastic – world biggest children books publisher, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, all tried one way or another to give in to the anti-Semitic BDS pressure and removed Israel’s name for their sites or their maps … Until bloggers noticed and complained.


But what if no one was vigilant? What if no one dare to complain? Or as in France, justice discourages Jews to complain about anti-Semitism (only courts have the indisputable right to decide who is and who is not anti-Semite)? What kind of a message does it send to the world if Israel is not mentioned in the big brand-named websites, history books and maps?


As Nahshon so rightly said, it would “leave the impression that there is something wrong and illegitimate with us.”


“He who wants to drown his dog accuses it of having rabies” (Moliere in “The Learned Women”)


One thing leads to another, it goes from “Israel is wrong” to “Israel is the root of world problems”. And from “illegitimate”, one can easily imagine diplomats two or three generation from now rightfully working to pull Jews out of Palestine. They will want to destroy Israel, and will feel it’s a moral solution and an answer to decades of long succession of evidence that Israel is an illegitimate entity that has no right and no reason to maintain its presence in the region.


But why destroy Israel?


As a response to the rising antisemitism in Europe, witnessing the Dreyfus affair in France, and anti-Jewish pogroms in the Russian Empire, Theodor Hetzel came up with the idea that Jews will never be safe unless they have a State of their own.


Zionism was born as a solution for anti-Semitism.


And it worked. It worked so well that Society Des Nations San Remo treaty was adopted on April 25, 1920 during the San Remo Conference. The Mandate for Palestine, based on this resolution, incorporated the 1917 Balfour Declaration and the Covenant of the League of Nation’s Article 22 to reestablish a Jewish Home in Palestine.


From that date, Europe did all it could to back up and prevent the Jewish state from being created. It went so far that it is ready to violate UN Charter article 80 (often called the Jewish charter because UN Article 80 forbid itself from creating or not creating states)


Had not the Holocaust occurred, Europe would have never authorized the UN vote that lead to the rebirth of the Jews State in 1948.


Anti-Semites now know that Zionism is the expected efficient shield against their obsession to annihilate the Jews, and they will spare no effort trying to destroy the Zionist State.


If they ever win.


If a far left Israeli government will ever come to power, anti-Semitic Europe will convince them to give up on nuclear weapons, safe borders, Defense budget (I did not make it up, and it does not come out of my mind: Jewish Far left Green party leader Daniel Cohn-Bendit criticized Israeli military spending as the only cause for Israel high cost of living, and suggested it should get rid of its army, in an interview on Channel 10 during a visit to Israel in June 2013)


Weakened, Jews would be slaughtered, land will be given to the Arabs, Millions of Palestinian “refugees” would be granted a “right of return”, Israel would be converted from Jewish State to Democratic State of Palestine, and Jews would flee once again.


2000 years of history taught us, all too well, what treatment is available to the wandering Jew. It starts with Israe’s name being removed from websites and atlases, and ends with the annihilation of Israel, and the massive slaughter of Jews worldwide. As Rudy Giuliani said, it all begins with a broken window…


By Julia Rudy.


The general assembly….determines that Zionism is a form a racism and racial discrimination“. These words were written in UN general assembly resolution No. 3379 from December 1975.


The draft resolution that determines Zionism is a form of racism was proposed in 1975 by 25 countries, most of them are members of the Arab league, and it was voted YES by a total of 72 countries, with a majority of the once known Eastern Block- the countries under the influence of the former soviet union.


On the other hand, 35 countries voted against the resolution, most of them were affiliated to the Western Block, vis a vis the countries of Western Europe and those under the influence of the U.S. 32 other countries abstained or were not present during the vote.


The vote for this resolution took place on December 16th 1975, exactly 37 years after the horrible “Kristallnacht”- Night of the Crystals- one of the first signs of physical violence against Jews in Nazi Germany, organized by the Nazi government.


In response to the then new resolution, the Israeli ambassador to the U.N, Chaim Hertzog stood on the General Assembly podium and tore the paper on which the resolution was written. He then announced that “Zionism is the name of the national movement of the Jewish people, and is the modern expression of the ancient Jewish heritage. The Zionist ideal, as set out in the Bible, has been, and is, an integral part of the Jewish religion.” He also added that Israel will not treat this new resolution as more than a piece of paper.


The U.S formal response to the ratification of the resolution by the General Assembly was given by U.S ambassador to the UN at the time, Daniel Patrick, who said that the U.S. does not recognize nor will it follow or even passively consent to the determination that Zionism is Racism.


In 1991, the UN general assembly passed resolution no. 4686 that revoked the former resolution and the comparison of Zionism to Racism. This resolution was led by the U.S and 86 other countries, and was voted “yes” by 111 countries. Only 25 countries voted against with 13 abstentions and 15 countries that did not appear to the vote itself (Including several members of the Arab league.)


The timing of this resolution was no accident- a short time after the collapse of the former Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc, and during operation “Desert Storm” in which a U.S led coalition acted in Kuwait against Iraqi aggression. It is important to mention that the PLO global status was severely weak at the time since it supported Iraq’s aggression against neighboring Arab state.


So far you’ve read the facts, but what stands behind these two resolutions? Is it purely politics? Is it something deeper, like Antisemitism?


The Zionist movement’s main purpose is to establish a national home for the Jewish people. As part of its endeavors, Zionist leaders seriously considered to form a Jewish state outside Israel in places like Africa or Eastern Europe. One can only wonder how the vote for resolutions 3379 might have looked like (or if it would have even been introduced to the general assembly at all) without the Israeli-Arab conflict in the background. My guess is that the Arab League might not have cared so deeply about Zionism if Israel was not where it is today.


Another major question, which was partly answered in the resolution to revoke the determination that Zionism= Racism, is the part of the cold war in the vote.


Minding the distribution of the votes in the 1st resolution (Zionism=Racism,) it is very clear that aside from the Arab League countries, the Eastern Bloc countries were the main supporters. Interesting enough is that the Soviet Union was a strong supporter of the Zionist movement in the early days of Israel.


In the Soviets’ eyes, the new country was practicing socialism and was likely to join “their side” of the cold war. As so happened things went in a different direction and the Soviets shifted their support to the Arab side of the conflict, pushing Israel to the arms of the west.


These two historical developments may have triggered the process that, in part, led to this shameful resolution that compared a national movement to racism, for the first time in history.


These historical and political processes led to a cynical misuse of the United Nation’s general assembly to portray the Zionist movement as one who acts in blatant racism and might have triggered a world recognition that would have colored the entire Zionist idea with racism.


In my view, the political angle of this resolution, as some other UN resolutions, may lead to a wide misconception regarding actual lifestyles and beliefs worldwide and the form they are being used and presented, just to serve political purposes.


By Doron Pesso.



67 Years of justifying Israel’s existence

For the past 67 years, Israel has been fighting the war against double standards, terrorism and of course the hardest — “justifying” its right to exist.


I have to be honest, one of my obsessions is fighting anti- Semitic and anti- Israel propaganda online.  When sinking into an online session of such, I encounter a variety of people, some of them replace their profile picture with a swastika or a burning Israeli flag.


Some of them manage to connect every incident in the world to the Mossad and IDF, with countless conspiracy theories. Those hateful online users are from all around the world. Some live in big cities in Europe, others in small villages in Asia, but they have one thing in common — they hate Israel and are willing to do whatever it takes to harm it, while using only their keyboards.


Allow me to take you on a quick journey to the past:


  1. The land of Israel has always been the land of the Jews. Apart from the fact that Israel is mentioned in the bible, one can find a large number of Jewish-life archeological remains from thousands of years ago.


  1. The Jewish connection to the land of Israel got even stronger after the arrival of the Romans and the exile of Jews across the world, leaving them longing to come back (This is why we repeat the sentence “Next Year in Jerusalem” every Passover.)


  1. After being exiled from Israel, Jews were victims of riots and hostility. From the Inquisition in Spain to the Pogroms in Russia and Ukraine – the Jewish blood was allowed.


  1. The peak of European Antisemitism was during the Holocaust, which occurred as part of World War II. The killing of the Jews was an industrial process, and, like in the past, Jews had no place to go nor a country that could have risen up against these evil acts of hatred.


After suffering the horrors of the Holocaust and the riots against Jews in Arab countries, in the 1930’s and 1940’s, Jews came to the land of Israel – beaten, broken, and with great poverty.


On November 1947, they accepted the UN offer to divide the land of Israel to both Arabs and Jews. The Arabs who lived there, and the neighboring countries didn’t agree to that offer and decided to fight the about-to-be-founded Jewish State. Once again, the Jewish people had to fight for the their lives, and again they won. Then, with some hard work, they turned the rugged ground of the desert and swamps to a flourish and fruitful country.



Since 1948, Israel has been the lighthouse on the Middle East, regarding democracy, human rights, coexistence and freedom. Israel is the only country in the Middle East, where people of the LGBT community can express their love and show affection in public without being afraid. Israel is the only place in the Middle East where Christians can practice their beliefs without being persecuted, and the list goes on.


Since 1948, Israel has been a role model in innovation, with countless of important inventions, which we all use:


  • The First Care Emergency Bandage.
  • A system that activates an alarm if your car gets too close to the car in front of you.
  • A device to detect a heart attack.
  • The Babysense breathing monitor.
  • Skysaver – deployed to help evacuate skyscrapers in emergency situations.
  • A Flash Drive (USB Stick.)
  • The PillCam video capsules.
  • A robot that performs spine surgery.
  • The world’s first solar window
  • Solar energy grids that float on water.
  • Waze: crowdsourced traffic information.
  • Intel processors.
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology.


But still, in spite of Israel’s significant contribution to the world, and its legal and historical right to exist as a Jewish state, Israel needs to justify its existence, every single day, in front of haters. Well, haters, guess what?! We’re here to stay!


Happy Independence Day!


By: Gilad Katz.





To Be or Not To Be Biased? To be, according to the UN

Out of 193 UN members, there is a voting block of 57 Arab and Muslim countries, all members of the powerful Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). Needless to say, they all are radical Israel and Jew haters.

What results from this?

As UN Watch noted in their 2004-2007 United Nations and Antisemitism report, during the year 2006, a handful of countries were singled out and criticized by the UN General Assembly, none of them receiving more than one negative resolution. Israel, by contrast, was targeted twenty-two times by twenty two resolutions.

With so many world abusers, massive killings often amounting to genocide, in 2006-07 the Human Rights Council passed several condemnatory resolutions. One hundred percent of them were against Israel. None went to any of the other 191 UN member states. No condemnation to the world’s worst abusers.

In 2009, the UN Human Rights Council adopted 32 censure resolutions. 26 were against Israel, and 6 for the rest of the world combined.

In 2014:
Afghanistan suffered 10,000 deaths, and 0 UN condemnations.

Central Africa: 5,000 deaths, 0 condemnations.

China: 2,400 executions and 500 deaths, 0 condemnations.

Congo: 20,000 rapes, tortures, mutilations, 0 condemnations.

Ivory Coast: 0 condemnations.

Iran: 753 executions, 1 UN condemnation.

Libya: 2,600 deaths, 0 condemnations.

North Korea: 1 condemnation.

Pakistan: 5,000 deaths, 0 condemnations.

Russia/Ukraine: 4,800 deaths, 0 condemnations.

Saudi Arabia: 78 executions, 0 condemnations.

Sudan: 50,000 to 90,000 deaths, 0 condemnations.

Syria: 30,000 deaths, 1 UN condemnation.

Turkey: 0 condemnations.

What about Israel? There were 2204 deaths, for which the UN released 20 condemnations…

The anti-Israel bias of United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva is so deep, that during each and every session, Israel’s human rights record is debated under the council’s Agenda Item 7 “The Human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories.” No other country in the world has a dedicated agenda item. The US Ambassador to the UNHRC Eileen Chamberlain Donahue said in 2012 that the United States was deeply troubled by the “Council’s biased and disproportionate focus on Israel.”

Since 1948, approximately 46,000 people died as a result of the Arab-Israeli conflict. For that, Israel was condemned 223 times by the UN. Fair enough.
Or is it?

In the meantime, Nigeria suffered 1 million deaths, and was NEVER ever condemned by the UN. Not even once. Coincidence? Mistake? What about Cambodia: 3 million deaths, but 14 condemnations…

Three different UN entities* were created solely for the Palestinian Arabs, sending the wrong message that the Palestinians are the world’s greatest human rights victims.

On March 20, 2015, the UN named the world’s number one violator of women’s right . It was Israel. Yes. Israel.

A week later, on March 27, during the UN’s Human Rights Council latest session in Geneva, the Council adopted four resolutions condemning Israel. That was four times more than any of the other 192 UN member states.

There is only one Jewish country in the world, and apparently it is one too many for a lot a people. Israel is the only nation whose right to exist is questioned or even denied in the UN arena.


By: Julia Rudy.


*The Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices Affecting the Human Rights of the Palestinian People and Other Arabs of the Occupied Territories, created in 1968. The Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People.
The Division for Palestinian Rights, with a sixteen-member staff and a budget of several millions, which it devotes to the constant promotion of anti-Israel propaganda throughout the world.

The Anti-Semitic “Twist” of the BDS Movement

So who are those BDS guys? What do they really want?
According to the BDS website, it is a campaign organized by the “Palestinian Civil Society Against Israel,” which originated in the year 2005. The purpose of this campaign is to apply pressure on Israel by various means in order for it to comply with international law regarding the Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians.

The name BDS represents the initials of a strategy; Boycott Israeli products, sporting, cultural and academic institutions, Divestment in Israeli companies, educational institutions and cultural activities, and calling for Sanctions on Israel in the international arena.


The BDS strategy targets Israel and claims to address three separate issues: (1) the status of the Palestinian refugees (2) the conditions of the Palestinians from Gaza and (3) the condition of Arab-Israeli citizens. To do so, the BDS seeks three objectives: (1) ending the occupation of the west bank and Gaza strip (2) for Israel to recognize the Arab-Israelis citizens’ rights of equality (3) and to promote the rights of Palestinian refugees of 1948.

One of the main events the BDS organizes in order to raise world support and awareness to the strategy “as a legitimate means of struggle for the rights of Palestinians and Arab-Israelis” is the Israeli Apartheid Week. These events take place in campuses during the month of March in a growing number of cities around the world, and are intended to raise awareness to the so called “Apartheid regime” in Israel, and to the policies implemented against the Palestinians in the west bank, the Gaza strip and inside Israel itself. This event, once a minor side-show, grew in time with the growing BDS support worldwide. The 2015 Israeli Apartheid Week, for example, took place in over 134 cities in all five continents.


Let’s go back and explain that “Apartheid” claim, for those who don’t know. Apartheid was the title of the racial policy directed against the dark-skinned citizens of South Africa by their all-white government from 1948 to 1994. Under the Apartheid policy, many racial laws were issued against dark-skinned people in the country, forcing a racial segregation and severely limiting the human and political rights of dark-skinned people.


The “Israeli Apartheid Week” is aimed to create and present the similarities between the policies in South Africa towards blacks in the 20th century to the Israeli policy towards Palestinians nowadays.

So far, apart from creating similarities that do not exist between Israel today and South Africa before 1994, the “Israeli Apartheid Week” may sound like a legitimate political protest against the policy of Israel. But the major question is: does it end there, or could it be that the BDS hides anti-Semitic characteristics?

I believe it does.

There are many actions that the BDS activists take in order to promote their cause. But by doing so, they seek to single out Israel and try to present it as the villain of the world. The apartheid week is one application of the zio-racism claims that create a comparison between the actual Apartheid policy to the one conducted against the Palestinians and Arab-Israelis – a comparison without base since the legal status in Israel does not allow separation under ethnic or religious base.

Not only that, researches show some key publicists within the BDS that seek to compare Zionism to racism (UN resolution no. 3379 anyone?) and by doing so, the BDS seeks to further de-legitimize Israel, thus being an expression of the neo-liberal Antisemitism.


One of the main purposes of that comparison is to gain support for an independent Palestinian country instead of Israel.

Not only does the BDS movement acts to discredit the reputation of Israel as a democracy by using partial truth and lies, it actively tries to sabotage a possible Israeli-Palestinian cooperation, by applying pressure on Palestinian organizations that do cooperate with Israeli ones. One example is the cooperation between Palestinian and Israeli labor unions that was sabotaged by the BDS in 2010.

Another support to the claim that the BDS is actually more anti-Israel and anti-Semitic than pro- human rights is that in many of the BDS gatherings, loud anti-Semitic calls and chants can be heard. Even though such calls can be disregarded by being marked as an extremist behavior, one can wonder about what are the true motives that BDS’ supporters really possess.

The main claim against the BDS, aside from selectivity acting only against Israel while disregarding the share of the Palestinians in the conflict, is that it tries to de-legitimize the existence of Israel as a national home for the Jewish people around the world, and rally people around the world against the mere existence of Israel. The BDS is also attempting, under the cover of “legitimate claims for Palestinians’ human rights,” to eliminate Israel as a Jewish country by de-stabilizing the demographic balance with millions of refugees.

One can’t help but noticing that this visual presentation of the entire state of Israel painted red, questioning the greater cause of the BDS organization, to be peaceful and pro- human rights.

In conclusion, I believe the BDS movement is a clear example to the modern-day Antisemitism, under the cover of legitimate anti-Israeli policy protest. It is not a coincidence that the Simon Wiesenthal institute named it as one of the most anti-Semitic campaigns in 2013…


By Doron Pesso.

The story behind Islamism, BDS and the West

In Israel’s contemporary reality, there are very few people who are unfamiliar with the term BDS – Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions, the boycott movement against Israel. What we are talking about here is a movement which consists of a variety of organizations, including academic, human rights (including those who pretend to be so), and business organizations. These organizations are set to excommunicate Israel financially as a result of alleged human rights violations conducted by the Jewish state in the territories (the West Bank and the Gaza Strip), and unofficially, spur a demonization process that is framing Israel as an apartheid, colonialist, imperialistic entity.

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