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U.S. Bus Ad’s Call to Boycott Israel Speaks Volumes on History of Anti-Semitism

Several buses of San Francisco’s Muni bus transportation system are running ads calling for the boycott of Israel. The campaign which is part of the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign (SeaMAC), a Washgington state-based group which is known for its participation in the BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanctions) Movement says the ads are designed to draw awareness to the plight of the Palestinian people under the Israeli occupation, according to member, Edward Mast. The ads are scheduled to run for 4 weeks under the guise of other social awareness campaigns whose aim is to draw attention to worldwide injustices.

The slogan reads, “Boycott Israel Until Palestinians Have Equal Rights,” and have appeared on city buses statewide, outside of California, including in Oregon, Washington D.C., Illinois and Colorado. Other social justices boycotts are listed on the ad including the bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama against segregation in the U.S. and the boycott against the South African apartheid. Public transportation has seen its share of political statements in recent years, however singling out the State of Israel is not atypical and has seen many instances, one of which was an ad blist delegitimizing the Jewish State on the Boston subway system two years prior, another using the popular “apartheid” pitch ran in 2013 on U.S. city buses asking to “End [the] Apartheid Now!”

SeaMac is wary of new California legislation whose goal is to withdraw funding for groups which call to divest from Israel. The San Francisco Municipal Railway Company has been known to run both pro-Israel and anti-Israel ads on its buses, citing freedom of speech. However, many have been removed due to complaints by local passerby.

SeaMac is just one of many groups of the BDS movement, working in the U.S. alone. Other groups function globally from Norway to the U.K. According to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the BDS movement which has gained traction in recent years is “anti-Semitism in a new garb” and has strong ties to classic anti-Semitism. Netanyahu discussed the numerous attempts to divest from Israel and cited the heavy bias against the Jewish State in the international arena and compared it to decades old anti-Semitism in a conference against anti-Semitism the year prior and asserts it has plagued the Jewish nation since Biblical times.

“The founders of the BDS movement make their goals perfectly clear. They want to see the end of the Jewish state. They’re quite explicit about it. And I think it’s important that the boycotters must be exposed for what they are. They’re classical Anti-Semites in modern garb. And I think we have to fight them. It’s time to delegitimize the delegitimizers,” Netanyahu said.

“Some supporters of the movement see it as a way to put pressure on Israel to end illegal settlements in the territories occupied in the 1967 war; others favour the creation of a single state that would dismantle Israel, ” Netanyahu continued, “[however] in modern times, modern anti-Semitism not only attacks individual Jews, but attacks them collectively, and the slanders that were hurled over centuries against the Jewish people are now hurled against the Jewish state,” he said.

The ties between the modern BDS movement, which can be found in commonplace environments such as college campuses and public transportation ads to the frightening genocide of Nazi Germany more than 70 years ago are starkly unnerving. The modern age brings any easy access of knowledge to the common individual and promotes the acceptance of different opinions. However, if tolerance is not practiced the world will teeter over the abyss of genocide once again.

Source: Times of Israel, The Guardian, JWeekly, TeleSur

By: Yafit Ovadia

Mother, Daughter stand up to Neo-Nazi group

One day in England, on the streets of Bath, Sharon and Savanna Forbs took advantage of their day off and went for a family day. To their surprise, they came across a Neo Nazi youth group calling to “free white Britain”. The main speaker, a young man, preached about freeing Britain of its non white citizens. Sharon and Savanna didn’t approve of this racism, so they chose to act against the Neo Nazi speaker. While filming, they argued with the speaker. This incident got me thinking of the family role in racism, and how it could be prevented by educating towards pluralism.

Family has a lot of influence on what children believe. Most of the time, parents are not aware that they are influencing their children’s behavior towards other people. Body language and facial expressions can contribute to racist behavior. Children see how their parents acts towards different social group and learn how to behave. Another way of influencing children, is not allowing children to be friends with people from other social groups. Finally, the most profound way to influence children to have racist beliefs, are family values.

Racist families are common in Europe now days. In particular, Neo Nazi families who live in isolated communities in Europe and the United States. These families educate their children extreme, racist ideologies, including: Supremacy of the white race, adoration of Hitler and the Nazi leaders, anti Semitism, nationalism and homophobia. These ideologies are taught by the kids’ parents while they are still young, using Nazi books and educational games. Often, when the children get older, they are sent by their parents to right national youth camps where they are taught survival, weaponry, self defense, and Nazi ideology. All of this education and influence is passed from generation to generation.  The parents were sent by their parents to these camps and as adults send their children. A racist cycle.

Sharon and savanna came across this kind of Neo Nazi youth group who truly believed that all the non-white Brits (including all the immigrants, people of color and LGBT people) are contaminating England, and therefore should be expelled. They were taught as young children by their parents and extremist right racist education, to be racists. This youth group is called “National action”. Their goal is to “clean” Britain from their non white citizens. As part of their racist agenda, they take advantage of the fact that there is freedom of speech, to protest in the town square. Many of Bath’s citizens didn’t like what they heard, but didn’t do anything to stop it out of fear that they could get hurt by the violent Nazi group.

Sharon and Savanna were outraged by the spoken racism. Savanna is mixed race. She is what this group was protesting against. They spoke with the racist teen while filming the conversation using a smart phone. They approached him and asked him if Savanna should be expelled from England because she is not purely white. The teenager was surprised to see that anyone had responded to him. He was sure that everyone was afraid of him. He looked at the smiling Savanna and said “I don’t know, she kooks white to me”. Confused by the two women, he said that England has always been white. Smiling, savanna told him that times had changed, and now society has racial diversity and should stay that way.

The teenager had no response. He had lost the argument, so he fled together with his friends. Sharon and Savanna disapproved of his leaving, telling him that he can’t even have a conversation. The Neo Nazi walked away as the city cheered for the brave mother and daughter. This incident between the Forbs family and the Neo Nazi group, represents a war of education and family values. Europe is on the edge of racism. More and more middle class families are attracted to extremist right ideologies. They create communities sponsored by right extremist politicians and donate money towards racist educational programs for youth, where the children learn to hate and hurt like the “National Action” group in Britain.

On the other hand, we have the family values of acceptance and solidarity. Values of progress and pluralism. Just like the Forbs family, who didn’t approve and acted against speaking racism. Sharon and savanna knew that the racist group was against their family because of their mixed race, and therefore should be expelled, according to the racist ideology. For the survival of their family, they fought back and didn’t let the hatred win.

In conclusion, the important lesson we should learn from this story, is the spirit of defiance. In today’s world, reality is full of hatred instead of love. There are groups in the Western world that are afraid of acceptance, of uniqueness and of love. The racist groups are afraid of progress, regardless of gender, race or sexuality. We should learn from Savanna and Sharon and take action because if we don’t, the enemy will win.


Written by: Ynon Mager

My Mother, Holocaust Survivor

One of the very last conversations my brother had with my mother contained a chilling sentence. She said, “a part of me never left auschwitz.”
We all understood what she meant.
She never told her full story. Never expressed what she had gone through. A part of her never healed.
Over the years she shared tidbits mostly to her beloved grandchildren who would interview her for holocaust remembrance projects.
Here’s what we know. My mother was born in Hungary and was the youngest of seven children.
Her family was part of the long march to the camps. Her older brothers were drafted into the Hungarian army but her sister and her younger brothers marched along with her mother and the neighbors to whatever hell awaited them.
One of the officers took a liking to my mother and he arranged for my grandmother to work as a housekeeper in his home with my mother and her sister.
That’s pretty much where the story gets fuzzy. We never heard just what it meant when a nazi officer takes a liking to a young pre adolescent girl. That story died with her.
We know her whole family survived and were reunited at the DP camps and then they journeyed to America to begin again.
My mother took the pain and trauma and chose to love and embrace life with her husband and children. She worked hard to help support the family and raised five children and saw over 20 grandchildren born. She also took care of both her parents in their later years. She sacrificed so much to create a safe warm and loving home. She was an eshet Chayil in the truest sense of the term.

Chana daughter of Yeshaya & Rochel

by: Mindi Yeger

Memories of my Grandfather

Yes. You read that right. Potatoes are the first thing that comes to mind when I remember my grandfather.
My grandfather was born in Galitzia, Poland. He lived a happy childhood until the start of the war when he and his entire family were shipped off to face the difficult condition of a labor camp in Siberia.
It was there that my grandfather learned the value of a simple potato. He would stand on line for hours in the rations lime, waiting to receive the daily rations that were expected to feed his entire family. Very often he would walk away empty handed.
But sometimes, they would get a potato. That meant his mother could make a small soup. That was the most filling meal he remembered eating in his time in the war.
Whenever one of his children or grandchildren would get sick he would tell them to eat potatoes.
Whenever something good or bad happened he would celebrate by eating potatoes.
It was rare when a meal went by without him eating potatoes.
As someone raised in the low carb generation I always found it funny how much he loved potatoes. It was only after he died that I realized it was from a place of eternal gratitude for ha ING survived the war.
My grandfather loved to make jokes and laugh but the darkness that shadowed his face everytime he thought about his time in the war will forever haunt my memories.
My grandfather died in 2014 and we never knew his age. All we knew was he never had his bar mitzvah because of the war.
My grandfather taught me to appreciate the simpler things in life and I will ensure that my children learn the same lesson from those stories.
May his memory be a blessing.

by: Ro Oranim

Remembering the Holocaust

My grandparents, my father’s parents- I never got to meet them. They passed away close to the time I was born. During my childhood I vaguely understood that my grandparent were involved in “that time”- the time of the war. We didn’t speak much about that time in our home, we preferred to focus on better memories, the life after the war, their aliya to Israel and their lives on kibbutz.
As a young girl I remember being very curious but also a little afraid because I knew that to bring up the subject and those memories was not something simple for my family.
In 11th grade as I was preparing with my class for our trip to visit Poland the opportunity arose for me to research the issue and in that way to further understand and get to know my grandparent and my family history. When I look back on it today, that search was no less than an academic paper- I researched the “sources”- the letters between them, their diaries, photographs, interviews with family members and I read “previous studies done on the subject” meaning I went through my family tree, speaking with cousins and family remembers who had merited to know my grandparents and had interviewed them previously about their experiences first hand. one of the most emotional parts of the journey was when I identified other members of my family, among them my grandfather’s brother who survived and decided to continue to live in Poland until today.
My grandfather and grandmother were born in Warsaw Poland but ironically, they did not meet each other until the war broke out and they were forced to flee from Poland. With the outbreak of the war and the Nazi invasion of Poland it became dangerous for Jews to stay in country.
My grandfather Josef very much so wanted to stay close to his family and refused to leave them in the Ghetto but because his activities in the communist movement had become known to the authorities he was often picked on by officials. After a Gestapo officer made his intention to arrest him and convict him clear, his parents convinced him to escape and to take his younger brother with him. In the dark of the night by grandfather and his brother managed to escape the ghetto and cross into soviet occupied Poland.
My grandmother Guta, together with her sister, also managed to escape the ghetto and get to the German border where they were arrested by the Russians and followed for many miles into no man’s land along with many other refugees.
The stories of my grandfather and grandmother connected in the city of Magnitogorusk, a city in Russia where they both ended up over the course of the war and joined an organization for Jews who left Poland. It was there that they met and got married. After the war, my grandparents returned to Poland in the hope of locating their families but were instead horrified to discover that the majority of the family perished in the ghettos and the camps.
My grandfather Joseph saw an attempt to revive the Jewish community and life in Poland and joined an organization to try and help actualize it.
But my grandfather was horrified to discover that despite the end of the war and the defeat of the Germans, anti-Antisemitism in Poland was still rising slowly and they decided to leave Poland and move to Israel.
I was thrilled to find discover this story and I’m sad I did not get to know them. I am proud to be their grandchild and feel it is my duty and the duty of our generation to remember and never forget, but most of all to prevent such events from happening again by stopping the breed of hatred.

by: Anonymous

Symbolic way to defeat Neo Nazism- Dead Snow

A group of Norwegian students went for a weekend vacation in the mountains and stayed in a deserted cabin. Little did they know, they crashed in a WWII Nazi war zone between the Germans and Norwegians. Doing what most kids would do, these students had a lot of fun traveling, snowboarding, and drinking alcohol. One day they found a metal box with golden Nazi coins. The students were extremely excited, they thought they were going to be rich and famous for their discovery. But they weren’t as lucky as they originally thought. The moment the box was opened, dead Nazi Storm troopers resurrected from the snow. This movie scene was beautiful: Norwegian Iceland in its frizzing beauty. The scenery is pure white all around and there is a peaceful bliss, a transcendent moment of calmness. But then the dead Nazi troopers raised from the snow to search for the box that was defilement by the students.

Dead Snow is a horror, comedy film that tells the story of the resurrection of Nazism in post-modern Europe and the fight against it. I chose to write about this movie because in my opinion, this movie is a media mirror of Europe’s fight against Neo Nazism, and the importance of this fight. In this article I will explain how and why this movie is important and unique. I shall draw my ideas on cinema theories, explain the psychoanalytic meaning of horror films. I will conclude by explaining why it is important to fight racism and hatred through the channel of movies.

The sociopolitical meaning of movies


One of the ways Western society transfers social and political messages to its people is through films. Films present and reflect the social values of Western society.

Featured content, feature films contribute greatly to the popular culture of Western society. Society and values ​​are presented in movies. The reasons why norms and values are shown in the plot of the film lies in the economic necessity of filmmakers to attract viewers. The film should reflect what is considered attractive, popular and appealing in the current society. Films can also be used as political tools. Ryan and Kellner (1991) wrote that Hollywood films from the 60’s to the 90’s are closely related to global political processes taking place in Western society.


Neo Nazism


Neo-Nazism is a social or political movement that wants to revive the Nazi and fascist attitudes that support racism. These movements maintain open hatred against ethnic groups that are not white European. The guide lines of these groups are: Racism, homophobia, xenophobia, nationalism military and Holocaust denial.

European neo-Nazi groups assembled of thousands of activists protest against immigration. In the United States, neo-Nazi groups are part of a large volume of hate groups, encouraging anti-Semitic and white supremacy. These groups operate in many areas across the United States and even in prisons across the country.

Because the numbers of these groups are growing every day, it is important to stop the spreading and put an end to this hatred and. In my opinion, movies like Dead Snow are a unique way to fight against racism through cinema, because the message is very clear, racism and hatred are monstrous. Therefore, we need to terminate them just like the main character terminated the monster in the movie.


Psychoanalytical meaning of horror movies


Horror genre began as Victorian literature in the 19th century. This literature was called “Gothic fiction” and presented an alternative reality that deals with everyday life. Novels were written about mythical characters such as vampires and monsters (Frankenstein’s Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker’s Dracula). These figures symbolized social fear and promiscuity (vampires) and the afterlife (Frankenstein’s monster).

With the development of cinema in the 20th century, this genre made it to the cinema. Horror genre is divided into three categories: Supernatural (surreal), psychological (realistic) and murder (realistic). Similar to the literary genre, the horror film genre displays mythical figures (monsters, vampires and werewolves). Symbolically, these monsters threaten the social order by introducing different elements of sexuality, violence and aggression.

Human reality is full of frightening situations. People are faced with fear all the time, so when a person goes to watch a horror movie he is facing his daily fears and nightmares. Through horror movies, we are exposed to complex social situations and their solutions (epidemics, wars and mass murder).

Furthermore, tales of horror movies do not include moral complexity. They are usually black and white. Good and evil are very clear and cannot be confused. Horror films are an agent of morality and social ethics.

Society requires the citizen to regulate his or her emotions and express only the feelings that benefit society. In addition, society asks the citizen to suppress those who are harmful. Through horror movies, the viewer experiences an outlet for negative feelings and does not harm him and the surroundings (sublimation).

 Conclusion- Psychoanalytic, horror and dead snow


Dead Snow is a supernatural movie that shows how sometimes nothing ever dies. The movie tells us how the Nazi troopers stayed frozen but weren’t really dead. Instead, they waited for the right moment to come back to life. By relying on the provisions of the preceding paragraphs, horror movies reflect society’s fears. Therefore, a Nazi zombie is a metaphorical cinema expression of western society post trauma and fear of Nazism. A fear that this hatred and racism didn’t really end with WWII. Thus horror movies reflect simple moral situations. It is very simple to understand that there is nothing positive in Nazism and neo Nazism. Hatred and racism are as monstrous as zombies and should stay dead. Our responsibility as a society is to never allow Nazism to resurrect and exterminate neo Nazism. That is the moral thing to do.

In conclusion, in my opinion, the best way to persuade people for or against social matters is through horror movies. In Dead Snow, the students did not run away from the fight against frozen dead Nazis. As viewers, we should learn from them and fight neo Nazism, never allowing resurrection. Nazism should stay dead.



Written by: Ynon Mager

Are foreign journalists covering Israel Antisemites?

Ideally, a newspaper article will present all the relevant facts, and let the reader form his own opinion. Realistically, we all know that there’s no such thing as an unbiased writer. Almost every article is written with a certain agenda. It seems like all newspapers have the same agenda when it comes to Israel. Practically any time you open a newspaper from any country in the world, you’ll find a headline suggesting that a Palestinian who stabbed an Israeli civilian or fired a rocket at an Israeli town (depending on the season) was somehow the victim. I would like to try to understand why this happens. What causes the international media to consistently manipulate the facts to make Israel look bad? Are they anti-Semites? Or maybe just anti-Israel? Is there really a difference? Perhaps they really believe what they’re reporting to be the truth? Do they just want to please their readers?

There are literally thousands of examples I could’ve picked from to demonstrate my point, but I think just one will do.

When’s the last time you or someone you know made a wrong turn, and was then attacked needing to be rescued by Special Forces? If you answered never, then you’re probably not a Jew living in the Middle East. Unfortunately, Israelis know all too well what happens to a Jew who accidentally turns into a Palestinian town. Who can forget what happened to Vadim Nurzhits and Yossi Avrahami, two Israelis who accidentally turned into Ramallah in 2000? In case you forgot this was the result:

Two dead Israelis. Seven Palestinian terrorists getting a monthly salary from the Palestinian Authority after being arrested by Israeli forces for murder. (The man in the picture, Aziz Salha, was released from an Israeli prison in the Gilad Shalit deal, to return to his proud family and friends, a hero).

Recognizing the danger of an Israeli accidentally turning into a Palestinian town, the Israeli government put up big red signs at the entrance to all Area A towns (As opposed to Areas B and C, Area A is under complete control of the Palestinian Authority) warning any Israeli that entering the town will put his life in danger.

On February 29th, two non-combat Israeli soldiers accidentally entered Kalandiya, a Palestinian refugee camp. To nobody’s surprise, they were immediately lynched. Palestinians threw Molotov cocktails and rocks at them, setting their car on fire. Luckily, one of them managed to call for help. Israeli forces were sent to rescue them and were met by Palestinian violence. The two soldiers were rescued, but not before three Palestinians were injured and one killed. Five Israeli soldiers were also injured during the rescue mission.

What headline would you write to describe this event? Perhaps “Two Israeli soldiers rescued from Palestinian violence after making wrong turn”? Or “ Two lost Israelis get a little taste of Palestinian culture”? This is the headline the L.A Times used to describe the event:

To be fair, there’s nothing false about the headline. Indeed, there was a GPS mix up, and Israeli forces did kill a Palestinian. But do the 60% of people who only read the headline and move on (according to an in-depth study by the American Press Institute, 60% of people say they typically do not go beyond reading headlines) really get the best picture of what occurred? If I were to read this headline and move on, I’d be under the impression that an Israeli man’s GPS stopped working so he decided to murder a Palestinian.

Something tell me that if someone anywhere else on Earth made a wrong turn and was attacked because of his ethnicity or religion, and needed to be rescued by special forces, the headlines would look very different.

Why does this journalist, and so many others, choose to portray Israelis defending themselves from terrorism, as bloodthirsty animals who murder Palestinians for fun (Or because of a GPS mix up)?

The first option I’d like to explore is naivety. Maybe foreign journalists really believe they’re doing a good job of reporting the truth, but they write articles without knowing the entire story. I find this very hard to believe, because any decent journalist wouldn’t report a story without getting all the facts. Furthermore, after reading the content of the article, it’s clear that the writer was aware of all the facts when he wrote this ridiculous headline.

Perhaps the journalists are aware that the vast majority of their readers love to hate Israel, and therefore, the journalists are willing to twist the facts in order to stay popular among their readers. The problem with this explanation, is that the reason that so many people have Anti-Israel views to begin with, are misleading headlines like this one. So which came first, the misleading headlines or the Anti-Israel readers?

To me, the only logical way to explain this bizarre phenomenon of reporters doing whatever they can to make Israel look bad, is good ol’ fashioned Anti-Semitism. It seems very simple. People have always hated Jews, so why would it come as a surprise that people hate the Jewish state?

I know that calling somebody who holds Anti-Semitic views, an Anti-Semite is not considered “politically correct”. The politically correct term is Anti-Israel. People who define themselves as Anti-Israel, claim it’s not Jews they have a problem with, but Israel. I have a hard time believing that these people aren’t driven by Anti-Semitism, and here’s why:

In 2004, in an effort to differentiate between legitimate criticism of the Jewish state, and Anti-Semitism, Natan Sharansky suggested the “3D test”. Of course, like all free democracies, Israel can and should be criticized. However, Sharansky recognized the disproportionate amount of criticism that Israel receives. Israel, a western, liberal country gets criticized more than any of the world’s biggest human rights violators. Sharansky’s three D’s are Double standards, Demonization and Delegitimization. Anybody who criticizes Israel’s policies, yet ignores the countless countries where minorities, women and gays are given no rights, does not pass the 3D test. Anybody who seeks to demonize or delegitimize Israel instead of offering constructive criticism and trying to improve Israel, does not pass the 3D test. Do all the people who claim to be Anti-Israel pass the 3D test? I think the answer is pretty obvious.

Written by: Ari Schwartz

Boycott, Divestment, Sanction: Is This The Last Frontier?

How to isolate the Jews from the rest of the world? It’s not simple! Hitler didn’t finish the Job. Would this umbrella of Palestinian political parties, NGO’s and refugees will succeed where Hitler failed?


The birth of the state of Israel succeeded in spite of the surrounding Arab countries’ failed attempt to suffocate its first breaths. Even the 7 wars failed to achieve their target, to “push the Jews into the sea.”

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Antisemitism: Same Book, New Cover

Most of us usually link Antisemitism with “traditional” images, such as the caricatures of Jews with big noses, the Nazi flags, the yellow star badge, and the images of ghettoes and concentration camps. Not many are aware that Antisemitism, much like a lot of the ideologies in history, has evolved. Stealing the term from the Darwinian Theory, my intention by “evolution” of ideologies is simply their adaptation to change in order to survive. But such adaptation does not mean a change in perception, only a change in form of presentation. So why was such “evolution” required?

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Europe: Neo-Nazis or … Neo-Nazi

Are far right political parties Golden Dawn in Greece and Hungary’s radical nationalist Jobbik legal or illegal as the left Media paints them?

A short historical review might shed some light on the reasons democratic elections brought these two political parties to power.

Both countries were monarchies. Both countries are almost ethnically homogeneous.

During World War II both countries had collaborators that worked with the Nazis. So did the Communists and the pro-peace Petainists in France.

After World War II, as a result of the treaty of Trianon’s population exchange in Hungary, the diversity of the population was entirely gone and Hungary became an almost ethnically homogeneous country. It also put a third of its Hungarian speaking population outside of Hungary. It was a devastating blow to the nation’s honor and created crippling economic consequences.


Both parties have a strong connection with Nazi philosophy. So do Islamic supremacists. Jobbik and Golden Dawn are both labeled Neo-Nazi, and they both deny any official connection with Neo-Nazism. Islamists are not labeled Neo-nazis, hence Mein Kampf is a best seller in Arab countries.

Both parties have guards that get support from the local population who feels unprotected by the state. In Hungary it is mainly protection against victims of Gipsy crimes and in Greece against immigrant’s crime in highly populated immigrant areas.

In both countries, there is a collaboration between the police forces and the guards.

Both countries suffer from the late 2000 recession, and both talk about restructuring their country debt to the EU.

Both parties have representation in the European Parliament and act against the immigration policies of the EU. They oppose non-European Muslims and want their country out of the EU.

So it seems like an EU sponsored left wing conspiracy to focus our attention on racist organizations and anti-Semitism. For what purpose? To distract us from Victor Orban, the Hungary Prime Minister from the Fidesz political party who said: ”we want to preserve a Hungarian Hungary”?

The right wing parties in Europe are waking up to stop the socialist ambitions to raise the number of Muslims in Europe and Islamize Europe.

Does it make them illegal when no one else cares to defend European people’s right to self-determination which was invented on this very continent?

The French far left Front de gauche and the Green party were caught on video in the streets of Paris chanting “death to the Jews” during pro-Palestinian rallies in 2014, and no media labeled them Neo-nazis.

In Europe, 100% of violent Antisemitic aggressions are committed by Muslims. In France, 16 Jews were killed in the 21st century. 3 in Belgium. 1 in Denmark. The killers were Muslims, and no one labeled them Neo-Nazi or Nazi sympathizers. No Jews were ever physically attacked by any of the far right parties.

Why brand Jobbik and Golden Dawn as Neo-Nazi and not the French far left and the Green party, if not to prevent public debates on immigration?

Double standard and legal standard don’t sit well together.