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First Paris, Now Britain

Not long after a Jewish journalist was cursed and spat on as he walked the streets of Paris wearing a yarmulke, another Jewish reporter faced similar antisemitic abuse in Britain while donning the religious skullcap.

British journalist Jonathan Kalmus said he was shocked by the anti-Jewish harassment he received while wearing a yarmulke. He expected to walk for hours without being bothered, but instead “I was left speechless that antisemitism is so obvious.”

Credit: screenshot from the video, MailOnline.

Credit: screenshot, MailOnline.

“No one could accuse me of targeting Muslim neighborhoods to provoke a reaction. This was the center of an ordinary English city and I was minding my own business,” he added. “No one could accuse me of wearing something provocative or political. A Jewish person or any peaceful person walking in a British street anywhere, let alone a city center, should be welcome.”

Kalmus added that many people were content to ignore it. They heard the discriminatory remarks being hurled at Kalmus and were caught on camera turning their backs to the abuse taking place in front of them. Kalmus noted, “When someone spat on my back no one stopped to intervene.”

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Anti-Semitic football

Anti-discrimination campaign Kick It Out has reported a spike in the number prejudiced acts in the first half of the current football season – more than in the whole of the previous one.

The perceived rise in anti-Semitic prejudice, which was the second most prevalent form of prejudice expressed, comes in the wake of last year’s Gaza War and the recent Paris attacks.



According to the Jewish Chronicle, last weekend’s cup game saw Chelsea fans, on their way to see their team play London rivals Tottenham, using anti-Semitic chants, the lyrics of which made reference to Hitler’s gassing of the Jews.

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Germany refuses to label BDS as anti-Semitic

Germany has rejected a definition of anti-Semitism that labels the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS) as anti-Semitic. The Merkel administration explained that “there does not exist a general academic definition” of anti-Semitism.

The German government said it defined anti-Semitism, as “political, social, racist and religious” hostility toward Jews. The Merkel administration claimed it was not aware that the office of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights took down the modern working definition of anti-Semitism from its website in late 2013.

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Old-new German Anti-Semitism

Current figures from the German government show that the number of crimes linked to anti-Semitism in Germany, such as Scrawling swastikas on synagogues, Jew-baiting during demonstrations and desecration of Jewish cemeteries, increased dramatically over the past year. While 788 cases were registered in 2013, there were 864 cases registered in 2014 – a 10 percent increase.


Also found that the badgering of Jewish students, primarily by Arab children, has caused some students to leave regular schools and transfer to Jewish or private institutions.

Credit: huffingtonpost

Credit: huffingtonpost


According to Deidre Berger, director of the American Jewish Committee in Berlin, “anti-Semitic incidents occur every day in Germany, on the streets, in schoolyards, in train stations, on the soccer field, and throughout social media.”


Josef Schuster, president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, also said that in some areas of German cities, wearing a yarmulke or a necklace with a Star of David is seen as a provocation and might be the reason for attacks.


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Anti-Semitic chants on the London Underground

On the way to Sunday’s 2-2 draw with Tottenham at White Hart Lane, fans of West Ham United have chanted anti-Semitic songs on the London Underground. The group, was filmed on a video that appeared on social media, chanting: “I’ve got a foreskin, how about you? Fucking Jew”.

The club claims to possess zero tolerance policy towards any form of discriminatory behavior and any fan found to be acting inappropriately will be punished to the full extent of the law and banned for life from attending matches.

The anti-discrimination group Kick It Out contacted police after video footage surfaced, and in addition reported to the police of a number of anti-Semitic tweets.



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Back to 1933?

Worries among European Jews that have been stoked by recent attacks in Paris and Copenhagen, led Germany’s top Jewish leader to suggest that Jews shouldn’t wear the traditional skullcap, or Kippa.

Although Jews in Germany generally feel safe, security measures need to be evaluated frequently, said Josef Schuster, the head of the Central Council of Jews.

He explains that hiding isn’t the right approach to counter anti-Semitism, but suggested they take the security measures in areas with large Muslim populations.

Schuster also said he didn’t expect for this development five years ago, adding that Muslim groups should do more to counter anti-Semitism among young people.

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A Display of Insult in California

Citizens of Sacramento were enraged to discover a display of poster-size swastikas outside a Sacramento house at the end of the month (26.02.2015).


The display includes Palestinian flag and a statue of a figure raising its arms and dressed in army green. Also symbols used by German Nazis in World War II replace stars in one American and two Israeli flags.


The chair of the Jewish Caucus, Marty Block, called the display “an insult” to the American soldiers who fought against the Nazi army and to the millions who died in German concentration camps.


The police, in response, say there is nothing they can do.


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Case of Vandalism – Hate crime in NDG, Montreal

Four cars in the neighborhood of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, normally a peaceful neighborhood in Montreal, were spray-painted with swastikas last week (23.02.2015).

The cars, which parked in a garage in a probably random building in NDG, had envelopes placed under the windshield wipers with notes inside that threatened the owners and contained a single bullet. One windshield was also smashed.

Despite claims by some media that the cars targeted only belong to members of the Jewish community, this is not entirely accurate. Two of them are owned by Jews, while the other two are not.


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Shame on Sky News!

The British TV network Sky News, decided to draw a link between the Holocaust and this summer’s IDF operation “Protective Edge” against Hamas in Gaza.

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