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How to Get Facebook to Remove Antisemitic Content



Found Antisemitic content on Facebook? Let us know, and we will help you have it removed.

You have probably already realized that Antisemitism is not dead. What you probably have not fully grasped, though, is that it is a popular trend in social media nowadays. Every few hours a new Antisemitic group is being created on Facebook, and another fake Hitler Twitter account is being set up.

Those Antisemitic  Facebook groups usually based on lies, conspiracy theories and demonization of Jews. To us, these crazy claims seem ridiculous, but some people actually fall into the trap.


If you bump into an Antisemitic Facebook group and wish to take is down and help stop this dangerous epidemic, here’s what you need to do:

1. First you need to find one, which, sadly, isn’t hard to do.

I introduce you to the group “Israel – Rothschilds’ Frankenstein Monster” (yeah, people think Jews aren’t even human)



2. Report the page to Facebook.





3. You can also report the content itself.

Lets take this post, for instance. You can see for yourself how antisemitic it is


You need to find the little arrow on the top right side of the picture


Click on “I don’t like this post” (the Facebook version to report)


That’s it. Thank you for taking part in the battle against Antisemitism! Facebook will probably send a notification in a few days and tell you if the content or the page were removed.

If you have more questions or an anti-Semitic page you run into on Facebook, please contact us and we will try to help


By Eliron Cohav






JewTube Weekly: Is Elmo Anti-Semitic?


Crazy Anti-Semitic Elmo Harasses People in Times Square, New York: Elmo’s Anti-Semitism Unwelcome

He may be cute, but he’s got a foul mouth. A man dressed as Sesame Street character Elmo has been making a scene in New York City’s Times Square, where he has been showing up in popular spots to shout anti-Semitic slurs.


Anti-Semitic Hungarian Nationalist Party Leader Embraces his Newly Discovered Jewish Roots

Before June 2012, Hungarian politician Csanad Szegedi was part of the far-right and anti-Semitic Jobbik party. He’d previously blamed the country’s problems on the ‘Jewishness of the political elite’ and said that the Jews desecrated national symbols. And as one of the figureheads of the party leadership, he frequently expressed his anti-Semitic views. But that was before he found out he had Jewish roots.



Rapper Macklemore in Controversial ‘Jewish’ Costume at Surprise EMP Performance

In 2014, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis surprised fans in their hometown of Seattle by performing at the Experience Music Project Museum … but Macklemore performed in an odd costume, leading many to wonder if the rapper crossed a line into anti-Semitism. He donned a wig, beard, and a big fake nose—the Daily Dot called it a “Jewish caricature.” But Macklemore tweeted in response to the uproar, “A fake witches nose, wig, and beard = random costume. Not my idea of a stereotype of anybody.

Watch the video here


By Michael Schwartz.

JewTube Weekly: Fighting Antisemitism


What Would You Do?

An American campaign made by the “Americans for peace and tolerance” organization, calling the violent mobs of Muslim immigrants in the West as well as their supporters such as Leftist infrastructure in the media, the universities, NGOs and certain Christian churches to stop the violent behavior. Their main question towards Americans: When you see Americans turning on fellow Americans, how would you respond?



Challenge Muslims to Fight anti-Semitism

A French campaign made by “the moral courage” channel on YouTube, calling the Muslim population in France to tolerate the Jewish community as much as they would like to be tolerated by others.


New Campaign Calls on Europeans to Don Kippot to Fight anti-Semitism

A European Jewish organization has issued a call for gentiles on the continent to don kippot and other Jewish apparel and film themselves walking down the street to show their opposition to rising anti-Semitism.

Taking inspiration from the viral success of last year’s ice bucket challenge, Rabbi Menachem Margolin of the Brussels-based European Jewish Association has produced a series of videos in which young Jews, as well as Chief Rabbi of Israel David Lau, call on both Jews and gentiles to challenge five friends to take part and post their videos on Facebook and Twitter or else donate $18 to the Jewish advocacy group.

Watch the video here


By Michael Schwartz.


Antisemitic Caricatures Now and Then (part 2)

קריקטורות-היום ואז.png2

On the left you can see a caricature of  a Jewish Spider. The title for this antisemitic cartoon was “The sucked-out ones“. It was published at Der Stürmer, on February 1930.

The caricature portrays “The Jew” as a spider, which has caught Germans in its web and “sucks the economy” out of Germany. It is one of numerous Stürmer cartoons comparing Jews to inhuman and unpleasant creatures.

Portraying Jews as animals started more than 600 years before this cartoon was published. Judensau (German for “Jew-sow”), was a derogatory and dehumanizing image of Jews that first appeared around the 13th century. Its popularity lasted for over 600 years and was revived by the Nazis.

On the right you can see a similar cartoon, with the same spider,  but now the web is a cafe (a Muslim Headwear.)

The caricature  was published on Palestinian Al – Hayat Al-Jadida, on October 2001.

This kind of caricatures showing Jews as worms, spiders, octopuses, ravens, wolves, and terrorists who want to poison the world, dominate it respectively, are very common and repeated many times through history.

written by: Eliron Cohav

Antisemitic Caricatures Now and Then (part 1)

קריקטורות אז והיום1

  On the left you can see a caricature of Rothschild, a French cartoon

by C. Léandre, 1898 .The caricature shows Rothschild as an old and wild half-bird creature taking over the whole world.

The idea for the caricature came from an old myth that world banking is dominated by the Rothschild family.

On the right you can see a similar caricature of a monkey with a Star of David on its breast sitting on top of the globe on which small figures of the Pope and an Arab are drawn. The monkey says: ‘Jerusalem: from New York City to Kuala Lumpur, undivided, eternal capital of Israel, everything else is negotiable”. The caricature  published at Al-Watan newspaper ,on February 3, 2004.

This cartoon shows as well that the old myth about Jews control the world still exist and that antisemitic don’t die, they just get switched

By Eliron Cohav.

JewTube Weekly: Anti Semitic Harassment



An Anti-Semitic Photo Posted on A High School Facebook Page Caused Outgrage

An anti-Semitic photo posted to a highschool students’ Facebook page outraged the parents of the Great Neck, N.Y community. The altered photo depicts a child with an Adolph Hitler mustache, wearing a red swastika armband. The caption reads, “I’d rather be gassing Jews right now.” The Facebook page is for the Great Neck South High School’s freshman class. “Our hope is that the high school’s administrators will take tangible steps to confront the situation, and we stand ready to offer our assistance and resources to Great Neck South so that its students will never have to be subjected to anti-Semitic harassment or any type of bullying online or in the classroom”.

Watch the video here. 


Students are Accusing New York’s Pine Bush Central School District of Turning a Blind Eye to an Anti-Semitic Bullying Epidemic

New York is investigating allegations of an anti- Semitic harassment at a public school, after students claimed that they were forced to endure anti- Semitic bullying, which includes being beaten and exposed to Nazi salutes.


Ex-NYPD Officer was Harassed, Called anti-Semitic Slurs on Job

Ex-NYPD officer David Attali claims in a lawsuit that he was subjected to such virulent attacks on his Jewish faith by fellow cops at the World Trade Center police command, he had no choice but to resign from the force.


By Michael Schwartz.

JewTube Weekly: Antisemitism Exposed.

Oops – When Antisemitism is Exposed…


Newlywed’s Horror as Cameraman’s anti-Semitic and Insulting Rant is Captured in their Wedding Video

When newlyweds Stan and Claudia Gocman settled down to watch a video of their big day they hoped to relive precious memories. Instead, they were greeted with a vile anti-Semitic rant about the bride and their guests after the cameraman accidentally recorded his racist commentary and then forgot to edit it from the tape. He also told his unnamed assistant: ‘Some of the Jewish women are very beautiful to look at. But I can tell you, they’d be right f****** cows. Very f****** snooty, they’d be a pain in the a***. Not a very attractive bride at all.’

Watch it here.





Teacher Who Asked Students to ‘Argue Jews Are Evil’ Suspended

School district officials in Albany say they’re mulling disciplinary action for a high school English teacher whose writing assignment asked students to make a persuasive argument blaming Jews for the problems of Nazi Germany.






Teaching Antisemitism and Hatred of Jews to Muslim Students in Toronto Canada Shia Madrassa

 Toronto’s police confirmed they’re investigating complains against the Canada shia madrassa school (isamlic Sunday school), accusing the staff of teachingng hate towards jews, calling members of the Jewish community crafty and treacheries.

By Michael Schwartz.

JewTube Weekly: a new exodus?


“Without its Jews, Britain would not be Britain”

Theresa May has pleaded that Jews not to leave Britain as she vowed to step up efforts to tackle anti-Semitism.

The UK Home Secretary said she never thought she would see the day when Jews in the UK were frightened to stay here.

Scotland Yard have promised extra patrols in Jewish areas in the wake of the gun attack on a kosher supermarket in Paris which left four people dead.
“Without its Jews, Britain would not be Britain,’ warns May over fears of an exodus in wake of anti-Semitic attacks.

Read more here

Watch another great speech by May:

France PM: France Without Jews is No Longer France

France’s Prime Minister Manuel Valls predicted that millions of people would turn out to honor the dead and decry the fundamentalist attacks occurred last January in France at a kosher supermarket.

“I have no doubt that millions of citizens will come to express their love of liberty, their love of fraternity,” he told thousands gathered near where a gunman killed four hostages at a kosher supermarket on past January.

“Without Jews” – the Parody

So, there are powers, all the way from ancient times to the very present moment, which try to make this world be “clean of Jews”. Luckily – they have not succeeded. Luckily #2 –we have funny people to make fun of this outlandish idea. Check out this insane Parody by rucka rucka ali.


By Michael Schwartz.

Life without Jews, No Frappuccino for you.




We stopped the first part just before the meeting was over and your dream about the Mocha Frappuccino  was finally about to realize.

The meeting is finally over! You shake hands with everyone and leave the building. You can almost taste the whipped cream on your lips. You go to the nearest Starbucks store, but surprisingly there is no Starbucks there. Howard D. Schultz, a Jewish businessman, that made Starbucks what we know today, does not exist.

 No Frappuccino for you. This day just got worse.

 You remembered you have a wedding this weekend and you really need a new formal  outfit. You decide to go shopping; maybe it will make you feel better. There must be  something nice at Calvin Klein’s. It’s just that the founder, Calvin Klein, is Jewish.

  You open your phone in order to post a Facebook  post about how bad your  day has been  so far, just to discover that there is no  Facebook  at all, Mark Zuckerberg, the  founder of the social   networking website Facebook, is  Jewish.  Therefore, he does not exist in your world.  You will have to whine to your friends the  old way.

On the way back home, you decide to watch “How to Train Your Dragon (What?! It’s a great movie!)

 You are in your living room, looking for the DVD, and then it hits you –  DreamWorks, the company that created the movie (and the Shrek franchise)  never existed. Steven Spielberg, one of the  founders of DreamWorks and one of the most  popular and influential directors and  producers in film history, just wasn’t born.  Moreover, many other Jewish filmmakers and  actors, such as Adam Sandler, Zac Efron, Jake  Gyllenhaal, Mila Kunis, and Natalie Portman.

You decide to watch a different movie, but discover there isn’t any device that can read the CD, since DVD players weren’t invented. DVD players relay on laser technology, and without Theodore Maiman successfully firing the first working laser on May 16, 1960, DVD players couldn’t exist.
You go to sleep praying tomorrow will be different.

Written by: Eliron Cohav


JewTube Weekly: Holocaust humor?

Holocaust humor?

Holocaust humor? Hungarian ‘Give Gas’ march banned amid charges of anti-Semitism

As Israel marked Holocaust Memorial Day the Hungarian government confirmed it had banned a rally organized by bikers under the slogan “Give Gas” — a title which one Hungarian Jewish group said “unequivocally refers to the tortuous deaths of more than 400,000 of our compatriots killed in Auschwitz with poisonous gas”.

Joan Rivers Heidi Klum Holocaust Joke: Comedian Won’t Apologize For ‘Vulgar And Offensive’ Comment

The legendary Joan Rivers came under fire in 2013 for a “vulgar and offensive” Holocaust joke she made about how German supermodel Heidi Klum looked in her dress at Elton John’s Oscars party.

The Anti-Defamation League: “There are certain things about the Holocaust that should be taboo. This is especially true for Jews, for whom the Holocaust is still a deeply painful memory. It is vulgar and offensive for anybody to use the death of 6 million Jews and millions of others in the Holocaust to make a joke, but this is especially true for someone who is Jewish and who proudly and publicly wears her Jewishness on her sleeve”.

Dieudonné’s – anti-Semitic “Humor” in Action

After being convicted of “making light of the suffering of the Jews,” the anti-Semitic French comedian continues to share his not-so-funny humor– this time, he makes fun of the holocaust memorialization and the expectations from the world to never forget.


By Michael Schwartz.