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JewTube Weekly: a new exodus?


“Without its Jews, Britain would not be Britain”

Theresa May has pleaded that Jews not to leave Britain as she vowed to step up efforts to tackle anti-Semitism.

The UK Home Secretary said she never thought she would see the day when Jews in the UK were frightened to stay here.

Scotland Yard have promised extra patrols in Jewish areas in the wake of the gun attack on a kosher supermarket in Paris which left four people dead.
“Without its Jews, Britain would not be Britain,’ warns May over fears of an exodus in wake of anti-Semitic attacks.

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Watch another great speech by May:

France PM: France Without Jews is No Longer France

France’s Prime Minister Manuel Valls predicted that millions of people would turn out to honor the dead and decry the fundamentalist attacks occurred last January in France at a kosher supermarket.

“I have no doubt that millions of citizens will come to express their love of liberty, their love of fraternity,” he told thousands gathered near where a gunman killed four hostages at a kosher supermarket on past January.

“Without Jews” – the Parody

So, there are powers, all the way from ancient times to the very present moment, which try to make this world be “clean of Jews”. Luckily – they have not succeeded. Luckily #2 –we have funny people to make fun of this outlandish idea. Check out this insane Parody by rucka rucka ali.


By Michael Schwartz.

Life without Jews, No Frappuccino for you.




We stopped the first part just before the meeting was over and your dream about the Mocha Frappuccino  was finally about to realize.

The meeting is finally over! You shake hands with everyone and leave the building. You can almost taste the whipped cream on your lips. You go to the nearest Starbucks store, but surprisingly there is no Starbucks there. Howard D. Schultz, a Jewish businessman, that made Starbucks what we know today, does not exist.

 No Frappuccino for you. This day just got worse.

 You remembered you have a wedding this weekend and you really need a new formal  outfit. You decide to go shopping; maybe it will make you feel better. There must be  something nice at Calvin Klein’s. It’s just that the founder, Calvin Klein, is Jewish.

  You open your phone in order to post a Facebook  post about how bad your  day has been  so far, just to discover that there is no  Facebook  at all, Mark Zuckerberg, the  founder of the social   networking website Facebook, is  Jewish.  Therefore, he does not exist in your world.  You will have to whine to your friends the  old way.

On the way back home, you decide to watch “How to Train Your Dragon (What?! It’s a great movie!)

 You are in your living room, looking for the DVD, and then it hits you –  DreamWorks, the company that created the movie (and the Shrek franchise)  never existed. Steven Spielberg, one of the  founders of DreamWorks and one of the most  popular and influential directors and  producers in film history, just wasn’t born.  Moreover, many other Jewish filmmakers and  actors, such as Adam Sandler, Zac Efron, Jake  Gyllenhaal, Mila Kunis, and Natalie Portman.

You decide to watch a different movie, but discover there isn’t any device that can read the CD, since DVD players weren’t invented. DVD players relay on laser technology, and without Theodore Maiman successfully firing the first working laser on May 16, 1960, DVD players couldn’t exist.
You go to sleep praying tomorrow will be different.

Written by: Eliron Cohav


JewTube Weekly: Holocaust humor?

Holocaust humor?

Holocaust humor? Hungarian ‘Give Gas’ march banned amid charges of anti-Semitism

As Israel marked Holocaust Memorial Day the Hungarian government confirmed it had banned a rally organized by bikers under the slogan “Give Gas” — a title which one Hungarian Jewish group said “unequivocally refers to the tortuous deaths of more than 400,000 of our compatriots killed in Auschwitz with poisonous gas”.

Joan Rivers Heidi Klum Holocaust Joke: Comedian Won’t Apologize For ‘Vulgar And Offensive’ Comment

The legendary Joan Rivers came under fire in 2013 for a “vulgar and offensive” Holocaust joke she made about how German supermodel Heidi Klum looked in her dress at Elton John’s Oscars party.

The Anti-Defamation League: “There are certain things about the Holocaust that should be taboo. This is especially true for Jews, for whom the Holocaust is still a deeply painful memory. It is vulgar and offensive for anybody to use the death of 6 million Jews and millions of others in the Holocaust to make a joke, but this is especially true for someone who is Jewish and who proudly and publicly wears her Jewishness on her sleeve”.

Dieudonné’s – anti-Semitic “Humor” in Action

After being convicted of “making light of the suffering of the Jews,” the anti-Semitic French comedian continues to share his not-so-funny humor– this time, he makes fun of the holocaust memorialization and the expectations from the world to never forget.


By Michael Schwartz.

Life without Jews, How is polio treating you?



Let me take you on a journey to show you how your life would have looked like if there weren’t any Jews in the world and Israel didn’t exist.

It’s Monday morning and you just woke up. Well, there is a chance you didn’t wake up, because Cholera (Cholera is recognized as one of the most widespread and deadly diseases of the 19th century, killing tens of millions of people) and the bubonic plague (known as “the black death,” and considered the most deadly disease outbreak in history) might killed you overnight.

The person who invented the vaccinations for these was a Jewish bacteriologist named Waldemar Haffkine, who credited as the first microbiologist to develop vaccines against the cholera and the bubonic plagues. He even risk his own life in order to test these vaccinations.

 But let’s assume you didn’t die from Cholera or the Black Death.  Still, you’re not safe. You might catch Poliomyelitis (infectious  disease that can cause paralysis, one of the most dreaded  childhood diseases of the 20th century,) because if Jonas Salk  hasn’t been born and developed the first successful inactive polio  vaccine – you might been paralyzed now.

 We will continue our story, assuming you woke up, and managed  to avoid all of those diseases. You decide to make breakfast,  perhaps a nice tomato omelette and a salad. You will have to  settle for regular tomatoes, instead of the much tastier, sweet cherry tomatoes. They were invented and developed in Israel after all.

After this disappointing breakfast, you start your day. You check your calendar, and remember you have a meeting in 30 minutes, on the other side of town. If you were counting on Waze to tell you the fastest way to get there, you’d probably be disappointed (and won’t make it to the meeting,) because it is an all-Israeli  invention.

 You open your computer and try to find the  route on google maps, but wait a second, if there weren’t any Jews in  the world google wouldn’t have been invented by Larry   Page and Sergey Brin.

I guess you will have to use Bing instead (but deeply in your heart, you’ll know it’s not the same.) However, I’m not so sure this would have been a possibility, either, for we would have still used enormous computers, given that the first PC microprocessor was the Intel 8088, which was designed in Israel, at Intel’s Haifa laboratory (Ooops, all Intel part, which run our computers wouldn’t be existent…)

After wrapping your head around everything, you get to the meeting, and your CEO talks for two hours about absolutely nothing. You get bored, and impatiently wait for the meeting to be over, so that you can get the Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino you’ve been dreaming about for the past two hours.

What will happened next? will you be able to survive the meeting and when will you get your Frappuccino ??

All of this and more – in the second part.

Written by: Eliron Cohav

JewTube Weekly : Holocaust Denial Resurgence

Holocaust Denial – the New Antisemitism


Holocaust denial by Palestinian official, Abd Al-Rahman Abbad

In this video, a Palestinian official claims that there were not even 6 million Jews in all of Europe at the time of the Holocaust.

Abd Al-Rahman Abbad, the Secretary General of the Organization of Clerics and Disseminators of Islam, links the Israeli separation fence to the Jewish mindset that he says is controlled by the idea of the ghetto.

He says that Jews cannot live with other groups and so continue to live in ghettos all over the world, not by force but by their own choice, and even among their own population. He then says that Jews exaggerate every action against them, such as the Holocaust.

He mentions that there is a place called the Memorial for Holocaust and Heroism that tells the story of 6 million Jews, but he maintains that it is known hat in all of Europe there weren’t 6 million Jews. PA TV (Fatah), July 17, 2009.


Brother Nathanael at the Holocaust Denial Debate 2015

Nathanael Kapner, known as “a Street Evangelist”, Grew Up As A Jew and Now is An Orthodox Christian. Except for fighting against Zionism and what he called “the Jewish economical control over the US”, he put a lot of effort in Holocaust denial and “tries to reveal” a twisted ,erroneous truth about the Holocaust and, according to his words, “a propagandizing weapon”. Take a look.


Five Stupid Things about Holocaust Denial

Steve Shives’ video blog mostly deals with social issues, in which he fights against ignorance at the discussed issue. In this video, he shows how witless, not convincing and repellent Holocaust denial is.

By Michael Schwartz.

JewTube Weekly: Auschwitz Liberation

THE FACE OF EVIL – 70th Anniversary of Auschwitz Liberation

Holocaust Memorial Day 2015: Archive Footage Shows Liberation of Auschwitz Concentration Camp

More than one million people were killed at Auschwitz-Birkenau, a Nazi death camp in German-occupied Poland, during World War Two. The majority were Jews and the former extermination camp is the world’s biggest Jewish cemetery.

The site was also the death place for many people who did not fit into the Nazis’ view of their world. Poles, lesbians, homosexuals and the disabled were amongst those also killed here.

Many of the concentration camps set up by the Nazis in World War Two were razed to the ground, but Nazi German death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau was liberated before it was completely destroyed. Now it’s a museum.

Survivors laid wreaths and lit candles on the so-called Death Wall at Block 11 in what is now the Auschwitz Memorial in Poland on January 27th, marking 70 years since the camp’s liberation, and to remember those who never left.

Watch more here


Auschwitz Survivors Tell Their Stories
In a video released to mark Holocaust Memorial Day, London-based Auschwitz survivors Lily Ebert and Zigi Shipper tell of the horrors they endured whilst at the Nazi death camp, and why they are not filled with hatred but hold hope for the future.


Auschwitz Survivors Reunited After 70 Years

Exactly 70 years ago today, the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland was liberated by Soviet soldiers. It was the largest camp established by Germany during World War 2 – and its name is forever associated with the Nazi plan to wipe out Europe’s Jewish population. More than a million people, the vast majority of them Jews, were killed there.

By: Michael Schwartz.

JewTube Weekly: Blame the Jews


(Top 3 actual and current Jewish-related conspiracies)


Turkish Leader Accuses Jews for Anti-Erdogan protests

Recent anti-government protests that recently wracked cities across Turkey have been the work of the Jewish diaspora. That’s according to Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Besir Atalay, who was quoted by Turkish media as saying, “There are some circles that are jealous of Turkey’s growth. They are all uniting, on one side the Jewish diaspora.


ISIS Leader ‘Al-Baghdadi’ Is A ‘Jewish Mossad Agent’

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, so-called ” the head of ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) is “accused” of being an Israeli “Mossad” agent, named “Simon Elliott” or “Elliott Shimon”. According to the conspiracy spread in the internet, he was trained in order to spread chaos in the Arab countries and therefore increase the chances of Israel’s control over the region.


Arab Media Accused of Fuelling 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Blaming Jews and Israel for Terror Attacks

It’s been more than a decade since the September 11 terror attacks in New York and Washington, but still rumors and conspiracy theories remain that challenge the official narrative of what happened that day. And yes – they put the blame on the Jews.

Brought to you by Michael Schwartz.

Things an anti-semite would Take to a deserted Island

5דברים אנטטישמי


1. Mein Kampf, by Adulf Hitler.

So they’ll have something good to read (life without books that let your imagination spread wings would be so boring…)

For after they’re finished with Mein Kampf (because it’s just so good you can’t put it down,) there’s also ” the Jewish peril,” to remind them how it was the Jews who put them on that deserted island, amongst other conspiracies.

2. A Shotgun

Just for them to kill anyone they don’t know and understand. Life’s easier that way.

3. Swastikas

For decoration.


4. Dieudonne

Can you think of a better companion than one of  this world’s biggest anti-Semites AND  the inventor of the “reverse Nazi salute?” I don’t think so…

5. Kosher food

Because we all know NO one can resist a dish of Matzo Balls, and there’s no place like a deserted island for an anti-Semite to enjoy Jewish food.

JewTube Weekly: Muslims fighting Antisemitism

Sprouts of Muslims fighting Antisemitism

Problem? Stop Blaming the Jews!

During a Tunisian TV show on the Paris terror attacks this January, politician Neji Djelloul of the Nidaa Tounes Party responded to TV host Miqdad Al-Majeri’s mention of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” saying that it was “a bunch of anti-Jewish myths.” The show aired on Zitouna TV on January 12, 2015.

After the TV host connects Israel to “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” to Jewish discrimination against all mankind, his guest Neji Djelloul angrily interrupts the charade. The Tunisian MP makes sure to highlight the fraudulent nature of assertions related to “Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” despite the host’s insistence on finishing his fallacy. Djelloul concludes his rant saying: “When a Tunisian goat gets lost in the mountains, we blame it on the Jews!”

Over 1000 Muslims Form Human Chain To Fight Antisemitism

“In the wake of the attacks on Jews in Copenhagen and France, more than a thousand Norwegian Muslims gathered to form a human shield around Oslo’s synagogue. The group chanted, “No to Antisemitism, no to Islamophobia,” as they stood in solidarity.

The demonstration was organized by young Muslims in Norway last week after a gunman believed to hold extremist views went on a shooting rampage in nearby Denmark, targeting a synagogue.”


Palestinian Activist: Stop Antisemitism in My Name

Palestinian-American student Yasmeen Serhan speaks out against bigotry. She also has a message for Israel supporters: Why are you still wondering where the Palestinians are who condemn this behavior? She’s asking you not to discount them just because you don’t agree with everything they say.

Brought to you by Michael Schwartz.

BuzzJew – Your Daily Dose of Must-Know Facts!

When Non-Jews Attend a Jewish Holiday Dinner for the First Time

Passover’s behind us, but I just found this awesome video that you MUST watch, so I don’t care…

A few brave BuzzFeed reporters have  volunteered to take part on a Passover Seder for the first time.

They learned about the story of the Exodus and the various traditions involving Passover, read from the Hagada, and mostly ate Passover-Kosher food.

What went through their minds during the meal? How did they manage to drink four glasses of wine (on an empty stomach) and not look tipsy? Would they do it again?

Find it in this awesome video.


Brought to you by Eliron Kochav.