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Rising Antisemitism Across the United States

Anti-Semitic Incidents on the Rise in the U.S.

New research shows a significant rise in anti-Semitic incidents across the U.S. Some are blaming the new wave of harassment against Jews on partisan politics. The cases of hate incidents against Jews have increased since last year. The president is addressing this subject, as images of toppled headstones at Jewish graveyards, and anti-Semitic flyers with swastikas were found littered across neighborhoods having shocked and frightened many.

The Anti-Defamation League says complaints about hateful acts against Jews have spiked significantly from 291 in the first quarter of 2016 to 541 so far this year.

New York City has seen a major increase in anti-Semitic hate crimes this year, the New York City Police Department reported.

Anti-Semitic hate crimes for the first two months of the year through Feb. 26 are up 94% compared to the same period last year, this is a 55% increase in hate crimes overall, NYPD officials said Wednesday, according to NBC News and DNAinfo New York.

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Dressed up as Nazis?

Nazi Cosplay: Taiwanese Students Dress up as Nazi Soldiers as Part of School Parade

A group of Taiwanese students stepped into worldwide infamy by parading around as Nazi soldiers at a cosplay event last Friday.

The incident happened during the annual celebration at Kuang Fu High School in the northern city of Hsinchu. History teacher Liu Hsi-cheng said his students voted to dress up as Nazis for the festivities, rejecting his own idea of an Arabic cosplay theme, reported Taiwan’s Apple Daily newspaper.

The students wore black Nazi uniforms with swastika armbands and waved Nazi flags. One even rode in a cardboard tank and performed the the Nazi salute. When photos of the parade were shared on the school’s Facebook page, as well as an online academic bulletin board, they went viral, and sparked outrage in Taiwan.

The posts were taken down and the school children apologized, later holding an educational day where they learned about the Holocaust.

Father Of Child Named Adolf Hitler Fights For Child Custody

Dressed in a Nazi uniform, Heath Campbell marched into a New Jersey courthouse to petition a family court judge to allow him to see his youngest son.

“I’m going to tell the judge, I love my children. I wanna be a father, let me be it,” Campbell told NBC 10 Monday before court proceedings. “Let me prove to the world that I am a good father.

Campbell named his children after nazis. Later, they were taken away by child social services for alleged abuse.

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The Last Trials

93-year-old Nazi Guard on Trial for His Role at Auschwitz

Oskar Groening was a member of the Waffen SS stationed at Auschwitz. Now he’s on trial in Germany, charged with being an accessory to mass murder. Mark Phillips reports on the case that’s been confirmed by an Auschwitz survivor.

Holocaust Survivor Forgives the ‘Book-Keeper of Auschwitz’

Eva Kor forgave Oskar Groening, the so-called bookkeeper of Auschwitz, in court ahead of his sentencing to four years in prison. She talks to BBC about her decision to forgive, and how she feels a non-custodial sentence would have been more beneficial.

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Trumps visit Holocaust Museum During Israel Visit

President Trump Visits Holocaust Museum Yad Vashem During Israel Visit

President Donald Trump’s visit to the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial was a significant stop for all.  Speaking after a brief ceremony at the site, Trump said words can never describe the “bottomless depths” of the evil that led to the killing of 6 million Jews by the Nazis during World War II. Trump called the period “history’s darkest hour” and said the only way to “prevent this agony from repeating” is to never “be silent in the face of evil.”

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Holocaust Heroes Relate their Stories

What if the survivors of the concentration camp had had counseling?

Francine Christophe was deported with her mother to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1944. Released the following year, she continues to share her experience and memories with the younger generation.

Man Who Saved 669 Kids During Holocaust Doesn’t Know They Are Seated Around Him

Seventy-six years ago, Nicholas Winton saved the lives of 669 Jewish children by arranging their transport out of Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia to the safety of Britain. He arranged for children to be evacuated from Prague and Vienna in order to enable them to begin a new life in Britain, however he kept quiet about these stories for much of his life. Winston passed away recently at the age of 106.

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Holocaust Memorial Day 2017

Holocaust Memorial Day 2017: How can life go on?

A short film was created for Holocaust Memorial Day 2017, which challenges us to think how we can support those who face hostility today and together create a safer society.

‘Never Again.’ President Trump Acknowledged the 6 Million Jews Killed in the Holocaust

President Donald Trump declared “never again,” acknowledging the deaths of 6 million Jews during the Holocaust in a video.

“On Yom Hashoah, we look back at the darkest chapter of human history,” Trump said in a video that was played at a plenary assembly of the World Jewish Conference on Sunday in New York, referring to Holocaust Remembrance Day in Hebrew. “We mourn, we remember, we pray, and we pledge never again. I say it, never again.”

Thousands attend Holocaust memorial event in Auschwitz

Thousands of people from around the world, many of them young Israelis, paid homage Monday to the millions who perished in the Holocaust at the former Nazi German death camp of Auschwitz.

The event which is entitled “The March of the Living” is a two mile march from the original Auschwitz camp to Birkenau, a much larger death camp where Jews and Romanians were murdered in gas chambers in Poland.

Participants gathered under and near the main gate with the infamous sign “Arbeit Macht Frei” (Work Will Set You Free). The blowing of a shofar [a ram’s horn used for religious purposes] signaled the large group to begin the march in silence down the main street of Oswiecim, past fields and along the historic train tracks that once took people to their deaths at Birkenau.

 Why Do People Still Deny The Holocaust?

Recently several shocking Holocaust denial stories have come up in current events. The most shocking perhaps are ones at prestigious universities, where Holocaust denial leaflets have been handed out. The popular online retailer, Amazon is selling books by prominent Holocaust deniers,containing disturbing and heavily offensive material.

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Upsurge in Antisemitism in the U.S.

190 anti-Semitic incidents across the U.S. in 6 weeks

A new report shows anti-Semitic incidents surged in the first quarter of 2017. The Anti-Defamation League reported 97 incidents took place, compared to 57 during this time in 2016. The ADL says the uptick is a serious concern. This comes a few months after several Jewish community centers received a wave of bomb threats.

The report, released Monday by Anti-Defamation League, counted 541 anti-Semitic attacks and threats between January and March. There were 281 incidents in the same time period in 2016. The ADL says anti-Semitic were up by more than a third last year, compared with 2015. And the numbers skyrocketed since November. There were 34 cases that were linked to last year’s presidential election.

US advocacy groups log sharp increase in anti-Jewish attacks

Despite Philadelphia’s motto of the  “City of Brotherly Love,” the Jewish community has felt the opposite due to the recent upsurge in reports of anti-Semitic behavior.


The incidents followed an overall 34% increase in anti-Semitic assaults, vandalism and harassment last year when compared with 2015, according to the report.

The surge in anti-Semitic incidents in the United States came against an overall drop in such incidents worldwide, according to a report issued Sunday by the Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry at Tel Aviv University.

The Kantor report, which surveyed approximately 40 countries, said incidents of anti-Semitism dropped 12% globally. In France, home to Europe’s largest Jewish community, reports of anti-Semitic acts dropped 61%. However, the English-speaking world in general bucked the trend, with increases in Britain, Australia and, especially, the United States. The report noted that anti-Semitic incidents on U.S. college campuses rose by 45%.

According to the ADL report, this year’s numbers in the U.S. were part of an uptick that began before the new year. Close to one-third of the 1,266 incidents logged last year happened in November and December.

“It’s really incredibly alarming,” said Jonathan Greenblatt, chief executive of the New York-based civil rights group, which pulls data from law enforcement, victims and local Jewish organizations to compile its annual audit. “What’s most concerning is the fact that the numbers have accelerated over the past five months.”

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Growing Antisemitism in the U.K.

More than 200 anti-Semitic incidents reported in Greater Manchester last year

Dozens of Jewish people were attacked or racially abused in Greater Manchester last year, according to a new report.

There were among more than 200 racists incidents aimed at Jewish people in the region last year. The figures were revealed by a charity which represents Britain’s Jewish community, who say there has been an alarming rise in antisemitism across the country.

Incidents in Greater Manchester included vandalism against synagogues, adults and children being attacked on the street, and persons making Hitler ‘salutes’ at passers-by.

The Community Security Trust (CST), which advises and represents the Jewish community, recorded 205 incidents in Greater Manchester in 2016. Reports of anti-Semitic crimes nationally rocketed by 36% – with Greater Manchester having the most reports of in the country outside London.

Antisemitic hate crime reaches record high in UK

According to the charity Community Security Trust, antisemitic hate crimes increased by more than a third last year in Britain, reaching a record high. While 1,182 incidents were reported in 2014, 1,309 were reported in 2016. The organization works closely with police to gather data, and said reported crimes increased by 36 percent from 2015 to 2016. The majority of all recorded incidents took place in Greater London and Greater Manchester, which have the greatest Jewish communities in the U.K.

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YouTuber PewDiePie Fired from Disney after Antisemitic Video Content

PewDiePie Calls for “Death To All Jews”

Felix Kjellberg, a 27 year old YouTube star known by his username, Pewdiepie uploaded a video where he pays kids from Sri Lanka to hold up a sign with the message “Death to all jews.”

Disney, Google Cuts Ties with YouTube Star Accused of Antisemitism

A star YouTuber has been fired by Google and Disney after being accused of using anti-Semitic jokes and Nazi imagery.With over 53 million subscribers, Felix Kjellberg, or “PewDiePie” is one of the most popular filmmakers on YouTube.

The Swede has been exposed after the Wall Street Journal reported that he has posted nine videos since August that include objectionable material. One video shows two men holding a sign that reads, “Death to All Jews.”

YouTube said Tuesday that it has canceled the second season of Kjellberg’s show, called Scare PewDiePie, which had been commissioned for its YouTube Red subscription service.

A spokeswoman declined to say how much Kjellberg would have earned for the season, but major stars can earn fees comparable to those of TV show creators.

YouTube has also removed the PewDiePie channel from its “Google Preferred” service, which includes the network’s most watched and shared videos.

Maker Studios, a division at Disney which produces YouTube content, confirmed that it has also severed ties with Kjellberg.

“Although Felix has created a following by being provocative and irreverent, he clearly went too far in this case and the resulting videos are inappropriate,” the company said in a statement.

The YouTube star paid two Sri Lankan men to hold a sign reading “Death to all Jews.” Following the men’s parade with the sign, Kjellberg continued to laugh. Kjelberg denied the accusations leveled against him as being “antisemitic” claiming it was an exaggeration of the media.

Source: YouTube

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Rise of Antisemitism in Canada

Global News Interviews B’nai Brith Canada CEO on Antisemitism

Hate crime complaints have been made to multiple Ontario police departments against a Toronto teenager, over the antisemitic and racist videos she posted on social media site, YouTube. Veronica Bouchard, 19, who is known to users as Veronica Evalion has attained a large following.

Global News Toronto Senior Reporter Christina Stevens spoke with B’nai Brith Canada CEO Michael Mostyn on the matter.

Swastikas, Racist Graffiti in Ottawa Third Attack in Week

Swastikas, racist graffiti in third Ottawa anti-Jewish attack in a week

Ottawa’s Jewish community was hit hard by the third anti-Semitic attack of the week, when worshippers at Alta Vista arrived early Thursday to find swastikas and white-nationalist hate messages spray-painted on their synagogue.

Congregation Machzikei Hadas was defaced overnight with red swastikas on its front doors and slurs , including one that encouraged murder and to “save the white race.” Ottawa police are investigating the attack.

Rabbi Reuven Bulka, leader at the synagogue denounced the vandalism but downplayed its significance.

“This was a diabolical act by some crazy nut,” Bulka said. “A fellow came intending to do evil and did it. The Ottawa community, all of the religious leaders, we all work together. It’s a very integrated community. All of the communities have called to express their outrage.”

B’nai Brith Canada on Antisemitic Hate Crimes in February

CTV News Winnipeg’s Emad Agahi speaks to Amanda Hohmann, National Director of B’nai Brith Canada’s League for Human Rights to discuss a series hate crimes that occurred in Winnipeg and Montreal during the month of February, 2017.

Source: CTV News, Global News

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