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JewTube Weekly: Anti-Semitic Vandalism

A Week of anti-Semitic Vandalism

‘Reeks of Anti-Semitism’: The Disturbing Scene at Least Two Dozen Families Just Discovered Outside Their Homes

Disturbing rash of anti-Semitism and vandalism unfolded in Madison, Wisconsin, where at least 30 homes and vehicles were spray-painted with vulgar messages.

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Jewish Graves in France Desecrated With Nazi Slogans

A horrifying vision vas unveiled at the Jewish cemetery in the eastern town of Sarre-Union, Frrance, as Some 300 tombs were desecrated. The French police questioned five teenagers in connection with hundreds of Jewish gravestones that were knocked over and defaced with swastikas and Nazi slogans. Read more here.


Rash of anti-Semitic graffiti includes at least 30 complaints

While most of the damage included profane language and explicit drawings, several contained racially-based and anti-Semitic slurs and swastikas.

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JewTube Weekly: Getting Married

Getting married, Jewish style!


What to expect at a Jewish wedding ceremony

Heading to a Jewish wedding? Don’t be in the dark! In weddings like in weddings, not all ceremonies are the same, but there are several basic components you can find in any Jewish ceremony:

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Why Jews Are Awesome?

why jews are awsome כותרת

1. We can celebrate our birthday twice a year: The first time according to the Gregorian calender we all know and use daily, and the second time according to the Hebrew calendar. You don’t have to bring us two gifts. That is, unless you really want to…

2. We eat sufganiyot (like a doughnut but without the hole and with jelly or other cream inside) for 8 whole days during the holiday of Hanukkah, and cannot be judged about it (we just follow tradition, after all.)


3. Confessions? Not for us! We have a special day, called Yom Kippur, where we atone our sins from the passing year. During this day, many of us don’t eat or drink or use electricity, and some even spend the entire day at the synagogue. The paved roads are also empty (traditionally, we do’t drive on this day,)  so that children ride their bikes freely and basically no one walks on the pavements.


4. We celebrate Valentine’s Day twice! Once on Febuary 14, like the rest of the world, and the second time on “Tu Be’Av” (the fifteenth of the month Av) according to the Hebrew calendar


5. We celebrate Purim, which is the non-scary, all fun version of Halloween.We wear costumes and give each other “Mishloach Manot,” which is basucally a package of candies. Best thing about this holiday? You’re never too old for Purim!


  1. We have one holiday, called Lag B’Omer, where all you can smell in the air all across the country, is roasted marshmellow (s’mores anyone?) Sure, this holiday has its religious roots and traditions, but fur many of us – it’s all about sitting around bonfires until sunrise.






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So world Antisemitism NOT on the rise?

by  Yaakov (Bones) Kirschen

Dry Bones Cartoonist Yaakov (Bones) Kirschen (entry in the National Cartoonists Society directory) KirschenAnother Brooklyn boy. Born March 8, 1938. Graduated from Queens College 1961. Wrote and drew funny cards for Norcross. After dismissal for loudness and jocular attitude became a freelance gag cartoonist for the former “Mad Mag” guys who were then doing “Cracked”. Moved on to doing cartoons for Playboy. Included in several “Best Of” Playboy anthologies. Fell in with the anti-Vietnam War folks and was actually elected delegate to the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago where, in spite of all the riots, was unable to get arrested. In 1971 moved to Israel, changed first name from Jerry to Yaakov, and in 1973 began drawing a daily editorial strip called Dry Bones. In 2003 the toon celebrated its 30th year in the Jerusalem Post. It has been reprinted or quoted by the NY Times, Time Mag, LA Times, CBS, AP, etc. Forbes Mag said about Kirschen: “In the tradition of Nast, Herblock, and Mauldin.”


Antisemitism for Kids

 This week…Antisemitism for kids:








מצא את ההבדלים



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JewTube Weekly: You don’t look Jewish

OMG – are you Jewish?! No way!

What are Jews supposed to look like?

On April 2014, MTV Launched a new campaign addressing “Complicated, Thorny” race issues (as well as gender and LGBT issues,) aimed mostly to help youth fight racial inequality. Take a look!

“You DON’T look Jewish, you DON’T act Jewish”

Check out this correspondence between MTV’s campaign and Vanessa Hidary’s, “The Hebrew Mamita” poem, which addresses the necessity of such a campaign.

Stuff people say…to Jews!

“Are you rich?”, “your nose isn’t THAT big” –  a parody of what jewish people are used to hear, SO often…

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JewTube Weekly: a Jewish Barbie

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The Tribe

What does it mean to be Jewish? What does it mean to be a member of any tribe in the 21st Century? What can the most famous doll on Earth teach us about being Jewish today? Hop on a virtual journey through the complex history of both the Barbie doll and the Jewish people- from Biblical times to present day.


Enjoy a history lesson about the early days of the Jewish people, brought to you through a humorous  pseudo-Biblical animation YouTube account that will save you at least one semester of history in college. Learn who are we, what brought us together, and what does it all have to do with Israel?