Bank of Japan Board Member Praises Hitler’s Economic Policies


Yutaka Harada, a board member of the Japanese Central Bank praised Adolf Hitler ‘s economic decisions recently. Harada noted that these decisions also enabled the Nazi dictator to do “horrible” things to the world.

Harada said Hitler took “wonderful” fiscal and monetary stimulus steps, leading to World War II, enabling him to execute the Holocaust. Additionally, he cited that he world did not react fast enough to the Great Depression and to [economist] Keynes’ proposals to fight it, with this behavior aiding Hitler to become very powerful.

“Because Hitler had taken appropriate fiscal and monetary policy steps, tragedy resulted. What I’m saying is that someone should have taken appropriate fiscal and monetary policy steps before Hitler did” Harada said.

Although Japan was an ally of Germany and Italy during World War II, Holocaust denial and Neo-Nazi movements are not common in Japan. Evidence for supporting the Nazi regime were very rare while public figures who were part of the Axis powers had some controversial comments.

The Central Bank of Japan apalogized for Harada’s comment.


Source: Israel Hayom

Image: Reuters

By: Yael Soffer



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