Antisemitism Towards Jewish Guests at Swiss Hotel


Israeli Jewish tourists who stayed at “Aparthaus Paradies,” a hotel located in the small town of Arosa, Switzerland were astonished to see antisemitic signs hung around the hotel. One of the signs required the Jewish guests to take a shower before entering the swimming pool.

Many Jewish families chose to stay at the hotel during their summer vacation. The Jewish couple who reported the discriminating signs said that there were no other signs directed to other religions.

Another guest who claimed that he isn’t Jewish called the sign “racist” and wrote a comment next to it “this sign in disgusting.”

At the hotel’s kitchen another sign was hung, which was again directed to Jews only. The sign limited the time which Jewish guests were allowed to take food out of the refrigerator because the “staff don’t like [it] when [Jews] disturb [us].”

“We were shocked, our feeling is that Jews and especially non Jewish people who have a religious look have no reason to visit Europe, you can feel the hate” one Jewish guest said. Another couple said: “It influenced our trip in a negative way, we felt unwanted, this place is called paradise but it is definitely not a paradise for Jews, it has an antisemitic scent.”

The hotel staff apologized for the offensive signs and promised to take them down: “there was no intention to hurt anyone. We are far from anything that relates to antisemitism. Most of our guests are religious Jews and we respect them and happy to host them. The sign at the kitchen was aimed to Jewish guests who used the staff fridge to store kosher food and the signs at the pool where hung as a result of past incident. We apologize if anyone was hurt.”


Source: Israel Hayom

Image: Israel Hayom

By: Yael Soffer


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