A Holocaust Memorial in Lyon Vandalized


Tuesday this week (8/8/2017) a part of the memorial for Holocaust victims in France, Lyon, was vandalized. President Macron condemned the act and the French interior minister echoed his condemnation.

The memorial for The Kids of Izieu consists of a plaque which explains the occasion which occurred there in 1994 and lists the names of 44 kids and 7 adults, who were deported from the area. A felon broke the plaque, tearing it off its place in the public garden.

The Izieu Kids is a general name for kids who stayed under temporary custody due to the war. They were brought to the kid’s house by Jewish and French undergrounds at 1940-1944, and were taken care of by Christian and Jewish adults, trying to maintain a normal routine as possible. As far as the district was handled by Italy the Jews were not at high risk, but it changed at 1943 as Germany took over the land. The Gestapo immediately caught the people engaged and sent them to Auschwitz and Talin. Everyone died accept one adult, which testified at court later. Klaus Barbie who commanded the forces at the time was found guilty. He was sentenced for life imprisonment for committing crimes against humanity, though he died only 4 years later due to cancer disease.

Macron, who last July stood by Netanyahu at vel d’hiv (a memorial for the 13,152 Jews deported ina 1942), took a firm stance against the act. “Shameful and cowardly act that won’t go unpunished,” he said.

Jean Levy, the head of the non-profit organization that aims to perpetuate the memory of Izieu’s kids, said they are terrified by the act but will replace the vandalized memorial.


Source: Israel Hayom, Times of Israel

Image: AFP Photo/Philippe Desmazes

By: Roni Zedek



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