Antisemitism at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


A a depiction equalizing a Star of Davif to a swastika was found at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel for the second time this year. It was spotted by a student on theMount Scopus campus, in the men’s restroom by the central library for Humanities and Social Science.

The shocking act was related to previous outlandish behavior at the university and the administration’s reaction towards these horrendous acts.
“The Hebrew University stands for pluralism and the freedom of speech within obedience to the laws of the institute, the state and human dignity. The institute sees the incident stringently, and shows zero tolerance towards any expression of incitement within its borders.” The message from the official university board read.

The message has not satisfied many. No action has been taken in order to find the accused and punish them accordingly. Furthermore, these actions are often backed by administrative staff who defend the offensive in the name of “free speech.”

Dudi Eltsufin, the director of “Im Tirzu,” a nationalist Zionist Movement on Israeli campuses, said on an interview to Israeli army radio: “It’s unthinkable that this wild incitement will proceed. It starts with waving the pictures of murderers of Israelis, continues with professors that compare the state of Israel to the Nazi party and now goes up to the next level. It’s time that this phenomenon will be gone from the university. The heads of the university have to wake up before it will be too late.”

Previously, Palestinian students held up signs with pictures of convicted murderers and called to kill Zionists in a third intifada. A month later, Ofer Ksif, a Professor of Political Science compared rules that exist in Israel to rules that were perpetrated by the Third Reich.


Sources: Reshet, Im Tirtzu Facebook page

Image: Reshet, Im Tirtzu Facebook page

By: Roni Zedek


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